Quick Update

I haven’t been writing lately since my writing class finished.  It’s like losing a friend.

My time has been spent working mostly on job hunting skills.  The intro session at the outplacement centre and a subsequent meeting with my job counselor went well.  There’s a lot of exercises, tests etc… that I’m doing to identify my skills (procrastination shot right up to the top!).  I’ve also attended a couple of webinars from home. They stress that I should set up my goals, create a plan and most importantly stay healthy and be positive.  It might be a long journey with many bumps in the road but they are giving me some tips and strategies on how to cope.

I really don’t have much to do at work anymore.  I know others who are being let go are still working and don’t have time to go to the outplacement agency.

Compared to my dad years ago, I have it easy.  I don’t have 3 hungry kids to feed, a mortgage, car loans and many other bills to worry about.  I don’t know how he managed.

I’m gonna do my best to stay positive and carve out some time for writing.



20 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I’m in a similar position and trying to network is a huge ordeal when I’ve become comfortable reclusive in the last few years. Good luck!!

    • A comfortable reclusive … there are days when I feel like a hermit. My counselor told me that introverts are better at networking because they are better prepared. They also don’t want to make small talk and get right to the point. So maybe I have a chance!

  2. Blah. I hate job hunting. I hope it goes smoothly for you. I also often wonder how my parents managed it with two boys to raise. I guess we shouldn’t complain…?

    • I have this image of you being so calm and well rehearsed (30 second elevator pitch) at interviews. It’s probably true… 🙂

      Maybe one day you’ll write more about what it was like when you were a kid.

      • I would love to fake it and say I’m super well rehearsed. I did an elevator pitch in university and did horribly. Although that was with the entire class watching me. I think I do okay in job interviews.

      • Oh I just the last bit about writing about when I was a kid. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that. Not sure if there are any good stories and also not sure I’d do well writing about the past rather than my current mood.

  3. Yes, do your best to stay positive, Matt…and write…it’s good therapy.
    But, on the tough days…remember it’s okay to express your feelings.
    Continued bestest wishes from me, and prayers.
    I don’t know how my parents did it either. My Mom was a stay-at-home-mom and my Dad managed a group of men who did cleaning and maintenance for a school…and my parents had 8 of us kids.

  4. Kids somewhat put the pressure on someone to perform. When it’s just you, it can be somewhat more challenging to get motivated.

    Play to your strengths. Procrastination can be a problem, and goal-setting can be an answer. But learn what your natural strengths are and how to market them, since they likely outshine the weaknesses.

    For example, when my bf and I went to counseling, the counselor immediately said this. I am task oriented, constantly pushing to get things done, set goals, plan, budget. He likes to relax, enjoy his leisure time rather than complete tasks that are not pressing. We butt heads a lot. She said his strength was being kind. It may not seem like a lot, but being able to be friendly and coexist with people at home and at work is a strength whereas “pushers” who bother people create disharmony in any social circle.


    • I think you’re right. There’s still a few more important things to sort out that I can write about here. Hopefully those will get cleared up soon. I could use a bit more good luck now.

  5. i’m at awe sometimes thinking about how the generation before us able to raise a family with such limited resources. maybe a simpler life is the key? or maybe it was the much cheaper cost of living that helped?

    • I have trouble figuring out what to make for dinner every night. Sometimes I just make a big dish of something and that’ll last for a couple of nights. Simple. But I don’t have kids and don’t have to worry about their health, education etc… yet I still feel stressed.

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