That Itchy Feeling

Every morning, I take my meds and it reminds me how mortal I am.  I hate it.  I’m then reminded of the daily regimen of pills my mom had to take.  On Thursday night, my neck and back felt a bit itchy.  I didn’t shower immediately after my haircut and I figured that was the issue.  On Friday, the itch was still there.  Most of the evening, I was scratching away like a dog with fleas.

I went to a doctor the next morning when a rash showed up in my arm and chest.  My palms started to swell.  Even my scalp was red and itchy.   The doctor prescribed some antihistamines.  Allergies she said, but I have no idea what I’m allergic to.  This morning, my neck, chest and scalp was red.  My swollen palms felt a bit better.

So now, I’ve added antihistamines to my regimen of meds.  If any of you bump into a guy with a rash on his neck and scalp, that would be me.  But I’ll likely wear a hoodie to cover myself up today.


20 thoughts on “That Itchy Feeling

  1. Aw. 😦 What a bummer! 😦 It’s so hard to figure out was is causing rashes. And skin allergies can be so annoying and painful. 😦
    I hope you get the root of the problem soon and get some relief, Matt.
    One of my kids had to do the allergy testing when she was only 3 years old. It was painful and itchy for her, but she handled the testing well. And knowing what she’s allergic to helped us keep her rash-free.

  2. Have you checked on the regular medicines that you take, if any of them would cause rashes and itching. Stress is notorious for causing urticarial, and that usually is over the arms and torso, and can occur anytime during the day. Is it possible to sleep in another room ( if the symptoms appear only at night?) I wonder if you should disinfect the bedding and the metal frames and stuff. Have the antihistamines helped? Perhaps you should call an allergist and have him check you out. Keep us informed.

  3. A few years ago, I got this super crazy rash that looked like leopard print splotches on my skin. They were itchy, red, flaking, and pretty painful. It was diagnosed as pityriasis rosea (sp?) by a dermatologist and he said that its causes are unknown and there is no treatment or solution and it comes and goes unexpectedly. All he recommended was to reduce my stress levels. Seems like your doctor had an unsatisfying answer as well, but I agree that illnesses would probably be alleviated if we just reduced our daily stress levels by 10x.

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