Slow Day(s)

I started Sunday with a flurry of activities.  The laundry machine was filled early.  Breakfast was quick.  The ironing board made another appearance.  The TV cheered me on with Formula One racing.  I dragged the vacuum cleaner out and the duster too.  In between the flurry of activity, I made some stock with a lot of leftover vegetable peelings and leftover chicken bones along with some celery, onions and carrots.

By now, the Indy 500 was on.  I watched a bit of that and did some chores.  I looked at the other things on my to do list and my energy started to wane. I needed to do some more filing and decluterring.  The hardwood floors needed to be mopped.  My inner sloth took over.  I moved in slow motion.  My sister text me to say she was dropping off some food.

It was some fried rice and bbq pork.  By now the Indy 500 was over and I was watching NASCAR racing even though I wasn’t a fan.   I devoured the entire container of fried rice.  All that carbohydrates sent me into an early slumber.  I think I found my sleeping pill.  The only side effects – a bigger waistline.

Unfortunately, I felt the same way today.  I did absolutely nothing.  I remembered hitting the snooze button, waking up an hour later, a quick shower, a cup of coffee and totally blanked out.  The next thing I knew it was after 5PM.  I made some soup, watched a baseball game followed by several reruns of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

I hope I’m more productive tomorrow.


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I got a full checkup at my dentist yesterday.  The only issue she raised was my receding gums.  So I need to be more careful and diligent with my dental hygiene.  I can’t rush it or skip flossing.  I have been pretty diligent but I think I’m rushing it.  Since I’m at home, I can do more flossing and use the waterpik a couple of times a day and take my time doing it.

Today I went to see my doctor on a follow up appointment.  After going through all the things, he made a referral for me at a sleep clinic.  I snore pretty loud the app I used indicated I snore most of the time.  I hope I don’t have sleep apnea.

Anyways, I go back in 3 months for a full checkup.  I always dread these things.


Moving On

A year or so ago, I thought if I ever get cut from my job, I would just travel for awhile, write, take pictures and live off my severance for a while.  Maybe it’ll be in some tropical country where I can veg out in some beach hut (wait… I need a real toilet).  I’ll just wander from city to city and enjoy some solo travel like I used to do.  Although I have to confess, I’ve gone used to nice hotel rooms and traveling in at least premium economy.  Maybe I will do something like this.  Who knows.  If I show up at your door step, I hope I won’t scare you.  Oh dear readers, I’ve been stalking all of you so I know where you live.

It’s taken me awhile to get used to not doing anything at work.  I have time to go for a walk in the morning if I wake up early.  I can even sneak out at lunch time for a walk or read for a few minutes.  I pretty well disconnect at 5PM.  I don’t check emails at night because no one sends me anything.  In fact, I’m like a guy on death row.  No one at work talks to me aside from my immediate team.

So I have one more month before they kick me out the door.  I’ll be living on my savings and whatever severance I will get.  I’ve held off on buying a new camera but I did buy a new (refurbished) laptop.  The old one kept flashing pink lines in areas that are normally white and it was getting harder to work with it.  Aside from job hunting, I do want to get back to writing.  I realized that short story I was writing here (Rigby and Kelvin) has been stagnant fro almost a year.

N0w which one of you should I visit first?

Quick Update

I haven’t been writing lately since my writing class finished.  It’s like losing a friend.

My time has been spent working mostly on job hunting skills.  The intro session at the outplacement centre and a subsequent meeting with my job counselor went well.  There’s a lot of exercises, tests etc… that I’m doing to identify my skills (procrastination shot right up to the top!).  I’ve also attended a couple of webinars from home. They stress that I should set up my goals, create a plan and most importantly stay healthy and be positive.  It might be a long journey with many bumps in the road but they are giving me some tips and strategies on how to cope.

I really don’t have much to do at work anymore.  I know others who are being let go are still working and don’t have time to go to the outplacement agency.

Compared to my dad years ago, I have it easy.  I don’t have 3 hungry kids to feed, a mortgage, car loans and many other bills to worry about.  I don’t know how he managed.

I’m gonna do my best to stay positive and carve out some time for writing.


A push, a shove and a lesson

After I left the doctor’s office, I walked into the McDonald’s around the corner.

There was a line up and I wanted some greasy fries.   There were 3 people in front of me so I took my time figuring out what to eat.

“You want to box me?  Are you serious?”

“Don’t you touch me!”

I looked at the girl in the line up who was visibly angry and irate at the guy in front of me.  He was a bit taller than I was and his head was covered by the hood of his faded red sweatshirt.

He said something again to girl and jabbed her in the shoulders.  She took at step at him and pushed back at him.  He stepped back into me and I extended my left hand to let him know there was someone behind him.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t know if the girl needed any help.  There were about 10 people in the McDonald’s (one of those smaller ones).  The girl got to the counter and told the staff that the guy was harassing him and could they kick him out?  The girl behind the counter looked for her manager.  A lady in her 40s came out and spoke to the girl.  The guy stood to the side and said she was buying him some food.  He was a skinny black teen with a bit of a scruff on his chin.

The girl said she wasn’t buying him anything and he is harassing her.  The manager told the guy if he’s not buying any food, then he should leave.  The manager asked the girl if she knows this guy.  The girl said they g to the same school but they are not friends.  The manager said something about calling 911 if he continues to bother her.

I had my mind made up.  He’s the bad guy.  Some punk who likes being a bully.  I also started to figure out what to do in case he started to get violent.  Should I go for the eyes first?  Maybe kick his balls?

Just then a middle aged black woman walked past me and said to the guy “Do you need some money to buy food?  Are you hungry?”  I thought for sure this woman was gonna get yelled at.

But the guy just said “No, I don’t need money.  She’s buying me food.”  The girl got her order and left, leaving the guy behind standing by the counter.  He kept asking the staff if she ordered fries for him.  They told him several times, no one ordered food for him.  He just stood there while I ordered.

The woman came by again and asked if he was ok.  I think he just mumbled yes.  In the end, the manager took his order for some fries and he left after paying for it with a card.  He didn’t look like that punk anymore. The tension from his face was gone.

I sat back and wondered what just unfolded.  I saw it with my own eyes.  Eyes that are flawed with biases and prejudice.  The black woman saw something in that “punk” that I didn’t see.  Yeah, he was out of line by harassing her.  But I’m sure there’s something more to this.

Life is still teaching me lessons.



That Itchy Feeling

Every morning, I take my meds and it reminds me how mortal I am.  I hate it.  I’m then reminded of the daily regimen of pills my mom had to take.  On Thursday night, my neck and back felt a bit itchy.  I didn’t shower immediately after my haircut and I figured that was the issue.  On Friday, the itch was still there.  Most of the evening, I was scratching away like a dog with fleas.

I went to a doctor the next morning when a rash showed up in my arm and chest.  My palms started to swell.  Even my scalp was red and itchy.   The doctor prescribed some antihistamines.  Allergies she said, but I have no idea what I’m allergic to.  This morning, my neck, chest and scalp was red.  My swollen palms felt a bit better.

So now, I’ve added antihistamines to my regimen of meds.  If any of you bump into a guy with a rash on his neck and scalp, that would be me.  But I’ll likely wear a hoodie to cover myself up today.

Staying Alive

“In the past 30 days, have you stopped performing any activities that you enjoy?”  It was a question posed to me by my dietician.  I knew what she was trying to ask but I didn’t see the connection between depression and diet.  I was even skeptical about seeing a dietician but my doctor recommended I see her because  my blood sugar was beginning to creep up.

The dietician explained that there is a relationship between diabetes and depression.  But no one is certain if one causes the other.  She then asked if I had trouble sleeping.  I told her I did. Then she wanted to know if I snore.  I replied I do.  She then spent some time going over how blood sugar levels can be affected by the lack of sleep.

She gave me a lot of tips and information about diet and stress  She recommended that I add resistance training to my regime of walking.  I did a bunch of exercises with some weights the other day.  I did squats and lunges to work my legs. They are so sore right now.  Even my birthing muscles are hurting.

Aside from inflicting pain on myself, I’ve been spending time rewriting my resume and LinkedIn profile.  I’m also working with a job counseling firm too.

I hope everyone is doing well.