Need to tame my brain

I think my brain is wired differently.  I was cleaning my home office desk and rearranged all the wires so it would be less cluttered.  The pile of junk that was on my office desk is now on my dining room table.  But that’s another story. I have a desk protector that I purchased from Ikea years ago and I figured now would be a good time to finally use it.

When I opened it, one side has a texture and one side is smooth.  Which side is the top?  I Googled the product but couldn’t find out.  But somehow I meandered through Apartment Therapy, Doc Marteens shoes, some site on dusty homes, someone’s Instagram, Amazon, CB2 and played a few rounds of Pacman before calling it quits.  This is quite typical.  I’ll see something that sparks my curiosity and then I’m off checking stuff out.

My brain… you’re such a pain.


34 thoughts on “Need to tame my brain

  1. I have compassion for your affliction ,my friend and I share it . If you knew how cluttered my personal office is and how much this grieves me to be in the impossibility to start a decluttering .. 🙂
    In friendship

  2. if it is a desk protector, i would think the textured side would be down against the surface of the desk as the smooth side would be easier to write on. but, if you do not plan to write on the surface, then the textured side would be better as things like a laptop would not slide about.
    as for a cluttered desk, i have heard it is better than a neat desk as the clutter is to be better but i cant remember why. lol.

  3. HA! 😀 I think all of our brains are pains at times!
    And when I start researching 1 thing online…I end up going from one thing to another to another (like you described) and then I’ve done 8 or 10 things! I see that as good! 😉 😛
    As for the desk protector…I’d put the textured side down.
    I’d go research this for you, but if I did I wouldn’t be back for several hours! 😀 HA! 😉 😛
    “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ― Albert Einstein
    I’ve also heard…”A cluttered desk is a sign of genius” and “A messy desk is only a sign of a messy desk”. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

      • One time, when my oldest was only 3 years old (He’s 36 now). I got on an organize “jag” and everything in his room got a shelf or bin or space and I labeled some things, etc. After I was all done and so proud of myself, he looked around the room and said, “I liked it better when it was messy.” 😛

  4. Yeah I’d say textured side down, as well. It’s to prevent the protector sliding off, isn’t it?

    Yeah I’m like all the time, Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha

    YouTube and Google provides me with endless opportunities to find whatever my brain comes up with.

  5. I think this is a pretty common affliction now a days. We have too many distractions that our brains aren’t able to concentrate. Smart phones, tablets, regular phone, etc. All these thing buzzing and ringing at us all the time. It’s a wonder any of us can do anything, lol.

  6. lol. i’m the same way. i could be doing stuff and come across something and ended up focusing on that instead, as i forget what i initially planned to do. this is also how i sometimes forget where i leave stuff.

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