A Tiny High Five

I was walking towards the recycling room by the elevators this morning.  The little boy that I mentioned a few post back heard me walking and turned around.  He stood there and waved at me.  I waved back and smiled.  He waved again and I sheepishly waved back again.  As I got closer, he said something to me but I didn’t understand him.  Then I noticed he still had his hands up in the air.

So I put my hand out as well and he gave me soft high five with his  cold and tiny hands.  He smiled, turned around and followed his nanny back to his unit.

Kids are the greatest.  His tiny gesture left a big imprint on me.


16 thoughts on “A Tiny High Five

  1. I bet that kid thinks you are his hero! How sweet was that !? I love hearing/ reading things like this. Just posted a little poem for you regarding this post. 🙂 😉

      • i’m not much of a kid kinda guy. am never good with kids. so i never feel the need to interact with one, even when they are cute and friendly. i’m better with puppies.

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