I Need my Wants

My brother told me he purchased a new camera (full frame too) and a new lens.  It’s quite a big purchase and I’m envious of him happy for him. He’s a Nikon fanboy and I’m a Canon fanboy. I spent the next hour fantasizing about my dream purchase.   I do want, not need, a new camera especially one that works better at low light.  But I’ll probably put this off for a while.

What I need is a new laptop.  The one I’m using still works but the screen flashes pink lines in areas that are white and green lines in areas that are dark.  About half the time it’s works normally.  But the other day, it became unresponsive.  Each pixel started to change colour.   I rebooted it and it worked.  I quickly made a backup just in case.  I’ve been checking out the latest Apple laptops and they aren’t cheap.  My company gets a tiny discount on Apple laptops and I’m also looking at buying a refurbished one from Apple.

The other thing I am thinking of getting is a new car.  My old car is still ok but it doesn’t have all the latest safety features.  It has ABS (the older version).  But the engine is still going strong.  I don’t drive much so maybe I’ll continue to drive it until it wears out.

Needs and wants – these 2 just quarrel endlessly in my head.


22 thoughts on “I Need my Wants

  1. my nikon d300s is showing its age and i have been looking at a full frame, too. i bought a new desk top computer recently, so im ok as a computer user. my truck is a 2005 and my escape is a 2010. i share your wants. lol

    • Nikon D750 is the model he got and you should check if your lenses will work on that model. The Nikon D7200 gets pretty good reviews (it isn’t a full frame). This might be a good choice for you.

      • for me to go full frame, which i want to do, will require getting new lens also to get the full effect of the full frame. nikon has come out with a replacement for the d300s which i think is a d500. the d750 has been looked at. 🙂

  2. You can get a Mac book air used for $650 ish online. If you don’t mind an older model, those would be cheaper too

    • It is heavy to carry around. When was traveling in Taiwan last year, I carried it and a small wide angle lens in a messenger style camera bag along with memory cards, cleaning stuff, batteries, guidebook, map, etc… my shoulder started to ache.

      Sugar daddies… lol. Do they really exist?

      • I keep seeing ads on Instagram for this device that “turns a smartphone into a dSLR” with a small attachment. To good to be true? And I think they do but you have to be willing to give sugar back.

  3. I have only a small Sangsung (spell ) . I noticed also I got better photos without flash even in low light . Of course the zoom could be better but it is enough for me .
    In friendship

    • As long as you’re happy with the camera then that’s fine. I know there are still some features in my camera I haven’t learned to use. That’s one of the reasons why I’m holding off on buying another one.

  4. Yes, we all have need and wants…and sometimes the line is blurred. 🙂 But, it’s fun to plan for new things to replace the old things. 🙂 And then even funner to get to replace them finally! 🙂

    My computer and car are old but in GREAT shape…so I have trouble justifying buying new. I tend to be a “wait until it dies before I replace things” person. Ha.! 🙂

    I like how you crossed out a few words! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. i finally gave in this past december by getting a new macbook and a new iphone. the old ones gave me problems for quite sometime and so i decided that i waited long enough and rewarded myself with the new purchase. i have to say, i’m pretty happy with them. although, they did cost me an arm and a leg.

      • the macbook air. i needed something lighter to carry to the office daily. and it’s 13″ screen size suits me just fine. i almost got the 12″ screen one, as they come with the same color choices as for iphone. they look real nice. but they don’t come with the 2 usb slots that the regular 13″ does, and so 13″ it is. i guess size does matter ;p

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