Noisy neighbours

For a couple of years, I could hear one of my neighbours moan and groan loudly when he/she was at their peak of “fun”.  It was loud enough to be noticed but I could never figure out which unit it was.  Then it all stopped.  I figured they were renting and moved out or found some other way to enjoy themselves.

A couple of nights ago I heard something faint.  It was a baby crying.  It went on for sometime then stopped. I can’t figure out where it’s coming from – maybe it’s the unit below mine.

I just hope the kid is not going to be as loud as their parents.


22 thoughts on “Noisy neighbours

  1. HA! Maybe what happened is that all that “fun” led to a pregnancy and now The Baby is in charge!!! 😉 😛
    Years ago, in San Francisco, we lived in an apartment complex and our next door neighbors were noisy “fun-ners”! Ha! 😉 Mostly the woman was noisy. So, just for a laugh, when she was moaning loudly, I’d moan loudly back in competition. HA! When we’d see each other, she always had trouble making eye contact with me. 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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