I’m Really a Nice Guy

I woke up the other day and notice my comforter was flipped around.  It has a tag and I always keep that side of the comforter on the foot of the bed.  But it was by my head.  Odd.  But tonight I remembered the dream I had the other day.  I had a samurai sword and was in a battle of some sort.  Someone was trying to crawl away through a vent above me.  I jabbed him in his legs.  The weird thing is I remember planning where to stab him.  It had to be in the femoral artery (or was it the vein?).  That way, he’ll slowly bleed out.

On a more normal update, there’s a cute Asian baby boy that lives on my floor!  His nanny had him out on the hallway and I saw him when I was taking stuff to the recycling room.  He’s probably a year and a half.  I waved at him as I walked by and he smiled and waved back.  I held out my hand and he grabbed one of my fingers.  I told him “you’re so cute!”.   After some prompting from his nanny, he said “thank you.” and smiled.  Oh my – this kid will look like some kpop star when he grows up.  When I walked back to my unit, he said “see you later” (after being prompted by the nanny).

Anyways, I’m not really a psycho.  So does anyone want to hang out with me?  I stab people in my sleep and try to pick up boys that are way too young for me.





21 thoughts on “I’m Really a Nice Guy

  1. HA! 😀

    I’d hang out with you, Matt! I have similar dreams. (Guess I watch too many action, fighting, etc., movies!)

    And, having been a Kindergarten teacher for years, I think kids ages 3-7 are THE coolest people in the world. They haven’t yet become jaded or mean or disrespectful or judgmental, etc. They are still wow-ed by the world, love to make new discoveries, etc. 🙂

    The only weird thing about you and this post is your comforter that shifts around during the night! 😮 Scary! 😉 😀

    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. Wow you’re having all these weird things that happen to you after you wake up. Maybe you really do move a lot when you sleep.

    When I was around 10, I remember sleeping during the day and then I woke up in my siblings bed, instead. I remember having a dream where I was in someone else body and I flew into my room via the window and I was watching myself sleep.

    Babies and kids are so adorable in how purely joyful they can be.

    • I’ve had quite a few flying / floating dreams too. I don’t really worry about my dreams, sometimes I remember them and get a chuckle even if they are really strange.

      As for the kid, he was just so cute and his smile brightened up my day.

  3. Any time a little child smiles with his eyes and is ready to share his hand with you, then you know that you are indeed a good person. Children’s instincts are unbeatable. ❤
    I wish you could come here, I would and in know my grandchildren would love to hang out with you.
    Drink some chamomile tea at night so you are not thrashing around in your sleep. 🙂 🙂

  4. LOL. you do know that you’re funny, right? matt, i would love to hang with you. you would make the best company AND entertainment with your personality and character ;p

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