A Tiny High Five

I was walking towards the recycling room by the elevators this morning.  The little boy that I mentioned a few post back heard me walking and turned around.  He stood there and waved at me.  I waved back and smiled.  He waved again and I sheepishly waved back again.  As I got closer, he said something to me but I didn’t understand him.  Then I noticed he still had his hands up in the air.

So I put my hand out as well and he gave me soft high five with his  cold and tiny hands.  He smiled, turned around and followed his nanny back to his unit.

Kids are the greatest.  His tiny gesture left a big imprint on me.


Dear Kelvin

Dear Kelvin,

You’ve been on my mind lately.  Thanks for getting me through that writing course.  You helped me when I was stuck several times trying to figure out what to write.  I’m sure you heard me calling  your name as I wondered what I got myself into.  Although this was the first course I’ve taken, you reminded me through others to just have fun and to learn.  Instead of worrying that everyone else was better, I appreciated their gifts and talent.

You left footprints here and there in this wired world.  I’ve found fragments of your old blog and some stuff here and there.  I still feel your presence every so often especially when I get the urge to listen to Madonna ,  when I think about the Little Red Dot, and sometimes when I’m writing.

My reading at the open mic went well last night even though I was nervous.  I even got compliments from 2 strangers. Thanks for encouraging me all week to do this.

Until next time,


Staying Positive

There was a steady rain this morning when I woke up.  I fought off the urge to stay in and went out for for a walk.  I don’t know why but I do like walking in the rain and snowfall.  There’s something peaceful about the experience.  For a city guy like me, this is probably as close to wilderness living as I can get.

I’ve also been trying to get back to better living habits.  Even simple things like making my bed, cleaning up the sink at night, tossing out all the newspapers, eating well, adding more exercise to my quiet days – these small things and tiny steps do matter.  I also got some positive feedback on my last writing assignment. That really put a smile on my face.  I still don’t have any ideas for a short story so I may have to hold off on part 2 of the course.

As for money, I know I’ll have to be more careful going forward.  I still have a job but my colleagues in the US got their pink slips the other week.  I’m trying to get too stressed out about it.  But I was thinking of how you guys can help.

For a modest fee, you can sponsor me.  I’ll wear a shirt with your name or the name of your blog.  It’ll be like a golf pro so it’ll be tasteful.


source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2013/04/14/phil-mickelson-masters-final-round-73/2081907/

I don’t mind looking like a European soccer player if you’re gonna fork out big bucks.


source: http://www.gq.com/gallery/the-best-european-soccer-league-jerseys-201415

But I don’t want to look like a NASCAR driver.  But I’ll put your name on my car.


Source:  http://www.inautonews.com/wp-content/uploads/yapb_cache/jeff_gordon_gen_6_chevy_ss_nascar1.asx4qnsnm48wwsg4o4s04800c.a5fuq7lrqzkgc0ccw4ss08gso.th.jpeg

I’m sure we can be flexible on terms and conditions.  If you want exclusivity, that can be arranged too.

I Need my Wants

My brother told me he purchased a new camera (full frame too) and a new lens.  It’s quite a big purchase and I’m envious of him happy for him. He’s a Nikon fanboy and I’m a Canon fanboy. I spent the next hour fantasizing about my dream purchase.   I do want, not need, a new camera especially one that works better at low light.  But I’ll probably put this off for a while.

What I need is a new laptop.  The one I’m using still works but the screen flashes pink lines in areas that are white and green lines in areas that are dark.  About half the time it’s works normally.  But the other day, it became unresponsive.  Each pixel started to change colour.   I rebooted it and it worked.  I quickly made a backup just in case.  I’ve been checking out the latest Apple laptops and they aren’t cheap.  My company gets a tiny discount on Apple laptops and I’m also looking at buying a refurbished one from Apple.

The other thing I am thinking of getting is a new car.  My old car is still ok but it doesn’t have all the latest safety features.  It has ABS (the older version).  But the engine is still going strong.  I don’t drive much so maybe I’ll continue to drive it until it wears out.

Needs and wants – these 2 just quarrel endlessly in my head.

Noisy neighbours

For a couple of years, I could hear one of my neighbours moan and groan loudly when he/she was at their peak of “fun”.  It was loud enough to be noticed but I could never figure out which unit it was.  Then it all stopped.  I figured they were renting and moved out or found some other way to enjoy themselves.

A couple of nights ago I heard something faint.  It was a baby crying.  It went on for sometime then stopped. I can’t figure out where it’s coming from – maybe it’s the unit below mine.

I just hope the kid is not going to be as loud as their parents.

I’m Really a Nice Guy

I woke up the other day and notice my comforter was flipped around.  It has a tag and I always keep that side of the comforter on the foot of the bed.  But it was by my head.  Odd.  But tonight I remembered the dream I had the other day.  I had a samurai sword and was in a battle of some sort.  Someone was trying to crawl away through a vent above me.  I jabbed him in his legs.  The weird thing is I remember planning where to stab him.  It had to be in the femoral artery (or was it the vein?).  That way, he’ll slowly bleed out.

On a more normal update, there’s a cute Asian baby boy that lives on my floor!  His nanny had him out on the hallway and I saw him when I was taking stuff to the recycling room.  He’s probably a year and a half.  I waved at him as I walked by and he smiled and waved back.  I held out my hand and he grabbed one of my fingers.  I told him “you’re so cute!”.   After some prompting from his nanny, he said “thank you.” and smiled.  Oh my – this kid will look like some kpop star when he grows up.  When I walked back to my unit, he said “see you later” (after being prompted by the nanny).

Anyways, I’m not really a psycho.  So does anyone want to hang out with me?  I stab people in my sleep and try to pick up boys that are way too young for me.




Unlocking My Dreams

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again the last few nights.  Last night I fell asleep shortly after 5 AM.  It was a restless sleep.  I woke up with a vague memory of a dream.  There was someone outside the door of my condo.  I looked through the peephole but could only see the man’s shirt.  He just kept standing there.  I quickly unlocked and locked my door thinking the noise would scare him off.  But it didn’t.  So I repeated it several times and also secured the door guard.

That’s all I remembered.

This morning I went to get the newspapers and found my door unlocked.

Maybe I left it unlocked when I came home last night.  Maybe the dream was to remind me to check the locks.