I hear music…

There’s someone playing the piano or keyboards near my condo. It’s the same tune over and over and he/she really does need to practice.  Here’s how my brain works.

  1.  Brain hears the faint music.
  2. Brain focuses on the faint music and ignores every other sound.  It’s annoying because it’s off key and repetitious.
  3. Brain wants to figure out what the song is.  Shazam isn’t helping.
  4. Brain decides to blog about it.
  5. Brain finally resorts to putting on ear plugs.
  6. Brain is annoyed at the sound of my own breathing.

17 thoughts on “I hear music…

  1. I hope brain doesn’t record it for itself so you keep hearing it in your sleep and non-sleep hours!! 🙂 🙂 That would be difficult to get rid off. Happens to me sometimes, when the dang tune keeps going and going and going in my brain.

  2. I think your brain needs a nap or a vacation! 😉 😛 HA! :mrgreen:
    I wish my brain would be as active, and work as hard, as your brain, Matt. My pea-brain is usually on “Goof Off” mode! 😉 😀
    Better to hear music than a nagging or screeching person. ??? 😉
    Did you ever figure out the song?!
    (((HUGS))) for you and your brain! May it be a quiet enjoyable Saturday!!! 🙂

  3. Your brain definitely needs a vacation. It is amazing how we’re able to focus in on a single sound, tuning out absolutely everything else even when it is a sound we would just as soon not hear.

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