Shooting Blanks

No, not that.

My writing assignment is due next week and I don’t have a single idea.

One story neatly distilled into 300 words.  That’s all I need.

Maybe I’ll write about a gay Chinese vampire hooking up with a werewolf rice queen through Grindr.  Or homicidal writer who writes murder stories and acts them out in real life.  Vegetarian zombies creating havoc in Taipei’s night markets as they devour stinky tofu.

Maybe that’s why writers drink.


24 thoughts on “Shooting Blanks

  1. HA! your last sentence made me snort-laugh! 😛
    HA! I’d go with the vegetarian zombies! 😀 They must be concerned about their health…you know, giving up meat! 😉
    Good luck! And let us know what you decide to write about! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I also vote for the gay Chinese vampires story. Who knows maybe it’ll be turned into a screenplay one day a la Twilight and you’ll be able to cast a hot Asian guy to play the lead.

  3. Crazy ideas make for the best stories! Monthly, I write for a podcast. Usually we are presented with 3 words as a prompt, and we need to create a story incorporating the words. It’s a great way to get the brain juices flowing. Authors of different genres participate so it’s interesting to see how 3 words or a single theme can manifest different tales. The good thing about the podcast? It hones the skills to write for a deadline (usually 2 weeks), story length (when read, it cannot exceed 7 minutes).

    Reading one’s own story adds a new dimension to the writing. It helps highlight repetitive words and awkward phrasing. You are more than welcome to participate! The latest one went live recently and I will have the story on my blog tomorrow.


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