I caught Bruce Springsteen’s concert when he came into town a couple of weeks ago. It was part of his River tour. The original River double album was released back in 1980 and was re-released last year as The Ties That Bind:  The River Collection.  It’s a 4 CD, 3 DVD package with additional songs, outtakes, documentary and a concert video.  For this tour, I read that he was going to play the entire River double album.  I only know a handful of songs from that album and hoped he was going to squeeze in at least some other songs.

He did more than that.  The River set took about 2 hours.  He sang a bunch of his other hits for another hour and 15 minutes. I’ve read about his legendary performances and I thought at 66, he would slow down a bit.  But he played with energy and enthusiasm although he didn’t run, jump He had fun with his other band members.   His die hard fans ate it up and they knew the lyrics to all of his songs (or so it seemed to me).  He occasionally played in the catwalk that circled the stage, shook hands with his fans as he sung and even crowd surfed his way back to the main stage from the catwalk.

There were so many wonderful moments from the show.  He sung River with a lot emotion and care. Point Blank was poignant and I could almost see the story unfold in front of me.  He did a cover of Patti Smith’s Because the Night that I really enjoyed, his other hits such as Thunder Road, Born to Run and Badlands were just a pleasure to listen to.  He played the last few songs with the stadium lights on.  It was just wonderful watching everyone sing and dance.

I started to envy him.  He does what he likes and worked hard to get to where he is.  It probably wasn’t easy for him in his early years and I’m sure he made a lot of sacrifices.   This is his love, his passion and his life.  Dare to dream.

The pictures aren’t the greatest as we were sitting pretty far away.

Springsteen on the catwalk.


I can see him!


Bruce and the E Street Band including the saxaphonist Jake Clemons (Clarence Clemons’s nephew) in the back.



17 thoughts on “River

  1. This is great writing, Matt! I don’t know any Bruce Springsteen songs – I just only know that he’s very respected. It was interesting to read about how he does what he wants and with passion – in terms of your life, is this writing?

    • Thank you, I’m curious what you liked about it.

      As for passion, yes – I think writing, reading and photography would be among those. I’ve had 2 classes so far (only 5 classes in total) and they’ve all been very good. I still feel though that everyone writes better than I can.

      • I found this to be good writing because you talked about some of things that happened at the concert, and that was cool because I got a bit on insight into what it might of felt like to be there (sometimes it’s just nice to imagine something new for a change). I also like how you talked about his passion and how you envy it – because it’s nice reading about you wanting something passionate in your life.

  2. OH MY GOSH, Matt! This is so cool! It’s so boss that you got to see and hear and experience The Boss!
    I see him, too! 🙂 (In the pic!)
    Concerts are such great “escapes”…forget life and problems and just be immersed in the music and atmosphere!
    DancingInTheDark-HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. How cool Matt! I am so envious that you got to see him and hear him. Just saw him this evening on 60 Minutes, him and his photographer. Perhaps it is a good thing that you were further away among the fans. Too close to the stage will give you a headache with the loud noise and the eardrum-splitting music, me thinks!

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