Writing Class

It felt weird going back to my university for my writing course.  So many things have changed.  I got lost finding my classroom but a cleaning lady was nice enough to point me in the right direction.  The instructor was friendly and tried hard to set a friendly, open atmosphere.  After our we read our first writing assignment, I was disappointed that everyone’s stories was vivid, crisp, had a better flow and more interesting.  Mine was flat and limp.  It was like going to an orgy and not being able to get it up.

We had to write long hand and not having done that for years, it felt really strange and awkward.  There was a brief discussion about the merits of using a laptop to write your drafts vs writing long hand.  Our instructor noted that when you use a computer, your writing just looks better even if it is just a first draft.  He also recommended that we carry a small notebook and to write ideas and story lines.  I felt he was looking at me when he said if you have stories that have lingered and stalled, don’t let your characters die.  It’s hard to revive them.  Write when you can.  I thought of Rigby and Chris.

I’m impressed by my classmates.  They know how to write well. I need to step up my game and take some writing Viagra.



25 thoughts on “Writing Class

  1. Oh so cool, Matt! Glad to hear you’re in writing class – something you’ve talked about for ages. Hope you somehow find yourself feeling like your writing has improved, or that you write something that resonates within you.

    • We have a weekly assignment. I’m so nervous already. I think it’s the fear of finding out that I’m not that good or something. But I tell myself that I’m here to learn and we all start from different levels.

      • You have written great things, Matt. Don’t sweat it. This is a time to learn and have fun and it’s a bit of adventure, because you really don’t know what’ll happen 🙂

      • Oh gosh I have so many great memories of St George campus. I also have many feelings of intimidation in those continuing Ed classes but just know that scary things are often the most rewarding and where you will learn the most.

  2. YAY! I’m so excited and so glad to hear you are taking a writing class, Matt!
    You are a good writer, and this will just help you to be even better! 🙂
    Yes, take the writing-Viagra 😀 and keep going to class and keep writing!
    Don’t compare yourself to the other students and their writing…just do your thing! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. The orgy analogy was hilarious! Everyone’s writing has its own merits. Don’t be discouraged. Have fun with it and let it be a positive experience where you can learn from your peers and vice versa!

  4. that’s awesome you’re taking a writing class! it’s easy to feel intimidated when you compare yourself to others but try not to compare and instead focus on how you can improve your own craft. i carry a notebook with me everytime i travel, or if i go somewhere just to write. other times i carry my planner/agenda and i might scribble phrases/ideas/stories in there and brainstorm. definitely have one on you, it helps to get the creative writing process going.

    • I just got a small notebook to keep with me. I’m going to also try jotting down ideas on Evernote on my iPhone. I’ll see how both work out. My first assignment is due tomorrow and I’m still frantically trying to proofread it. *screams*

  5. Keep at it. There’s nothing that can improve your writing, except more writing 😉
    And … the only person you need to please is yourself. If you’re like most writers, you will learn from others and compare yourself to those whom you admire, but you will be your own worst critic.
    Be kind to yourself as you improve and learn on this mysterious and wonderful path,


  6. Matt, I am so envious. I wish I were in a class like that. It would be so healthy to be able to get fresh ideas and learn the different thoughts that go into writing one essay. keep at it Matt. love and hugs.

  7. haha! I took a writing class a few years ago and felt the same way. luckily, my classmates were nice and supportive, so although intimidating at first, it felt nice to be a part of that group. Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂

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