Rock Me Gently

Some sleep related things about me that you may not know about.

  1.  I wear a night guard because I grind / clench my teeth.  I’m in the process of replacing my current night guard (2 yrs old) because it has a crack in it.
  2.  I have a tough time with pillows.  My old pillows were perfect for me.  They supported my neck just right.  I got new pillows a couple of years ago and I still have problems with it.
  3. I’m pretty sure I drool in my sleep.  I snore too.  I don’t think I talk when I’m asleep.
  4. I usually sleep on my stomach first, then to my right side and sometimes to my back.  I rarely start my sleep on my back.
  5. I’m a light sleeper in my house but my brain filters out the sirens and traffic noise.
  6. I like my bedroom cool.  But I cannot stand any cold AC blowing on me when I sleep.  When I was in traveling in Taiwan, I had to drape a tshirt over my head to stay warm.
  7. No matter how hot it is, I usually like to have a blanket – even if it is just a sheet.
  8. Sometimes I sleep with the lights on.  If my Teddy Bear was still around, he would stay on guard duty.
  9.  There are times when I find scratches on my body when I wake up.  Sometimes the pillows are on the floor and the blankets are all messed up.
  10. Years ago, our family had a cat and it would sometimes sleep with me at night.  She would just walk over me and slept on my legs.  After she passed away, I could still feel the her sleeping on my legs.  It happened for a couple of weeks and then she finally left.

36 thoughts on “Rock Me Gently

  1. Wow, interesting. I think I should get my sister a night guard too because she tends to grind her teeth sometimes. She told me that she sometimes woke up with aching feeling in her jaws.

  2. I grind my teeth too. I wear a retainer since i had invisalign done, so my retainers serve as night guards as well. I’m on my second set too because my first one cracked :/

    i also drool…a lot. sigh

  3. You know your sleep habits well, Matt! 🙂 That was fun to read! 🙂
    I have a night-time routine that helps me fall asleep. I talk and laugh in my sleep. I sleep on my right side. I snore when I have a sinus infection. I like the room to be dark. I like to sleep with my head under the covers. (Which is not fun when he farts! 😮 ) I sleep with 2 pillows and the top one is one I love. Cooper sleeps up against my body, usually my legs. I use a noise machine that makes cool noises…like a waterfall, etc. (it filters out all the noise from outside, etc.)
    Sleepy-HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Have you ever tried sleeping without a pillow? I tried it after it was recommended by a former coworker who was a nurse. It took a bit of getting used to but it did help when I had neck pains. Also regarding the drooling, I also do that. I learned to control it a bit by learning to sleep with my mouth closed and breathing through my nose.

  5. I hadn’t realized so many people grind their teeth until I saw night guards at Shoppers Drug Mart, and then it hit me that I’m not the only one with that issue

  6. The pillows are such a key to a restful sleep. I love soft pillows that I can crunch around my neck and ear. I should tell Sayeed about the mouth guards, his son Andrew really grinds his teeth when he comes to sleep here.

  7. me? i always sleep either on my side or on my tummy. i need to feel something touching my stomach to feel comfortable, so most times i would be hugging a pillow as i sleep. this is why i love spooning :). sleeplessness? well, i find ear plugs and eye mask help. especially the ear plugs, to block away any possible noise. but i could still easily woken up by the faint sound of alarm, even with the ear plugs still on.

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