I’ve been carving out a bit of time every week to do file away a lot of papers (receipts, statements, work files, pay stubs etc…) that have been stuffed into boxes.  I think I’ve thrown away about 2 feet of paper today.  I found some important papers that I have to carefully store.  There were old pay stubs, pictures, letters, pens, pencils, decayed rubber bands, old batteries, tube of lube which hasn’t dried up yet, old condoms (why did I store that with my old paystubs?) and annual reports. There were also notes from my dad attached to various clippings he thought would be useful for me.  There were some Chinese writings from my mom on scraps of paper (order for food) – I can’t throw that out.  It’s like an archaeological dig.   So once I get these organized, I can figure out what I really need to keep and what to throw out.

Other than that, I’ve been busy booking appointments for dentist, optometrist etc… I want to use up as much of my benefits as possible.  My mood swings regularly from high anxiety to a zen like calm.



29 thoughts on “Unhoarding

  1. What a perfect use of your time. It’s really something that’s overdue for everyone to do! Dead rubber bands are a good indicator of a box of stuff that’s too old to be useful.

    Apartment Therapy calls that pile an “outbox” which is a stack of things that you want to clean out but you’re not quite sure where its final destination will be.

  2. Wow! Great job! I always feel productive and better after organizing and throwing away and cleaning, etc. So then why don’t I do it more often?!
    So cool and sweet to find “treasures” while you clean and organize! 🙂 And by “treasures” I mean the lube and the condoms! Ha! 😀 😛 Oh, the other “finds” were good, too! 🙂
    Good luck on all your appointments, Matt!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. I am in my mid seventies, and I still hang on to letters and bits from my parents. I don’t know why, because they are written in Urdu, and my children have no clue about the written language. And yet, I hang on to them, not sure for how much longer! 😉 🙂
    Organizing and cleaning always makes me feel on top of the world. I am glad you are doing what is important. I will send you a first class ticket, so you can come here and spend some time with us Mattie. And while you are here, you can help me get my archives from xanga, which are a gobbeldy gook of numbers and symbols and what not. Just kidding, I won’t put you to work. But seriously, I wish you could come and spend some time here with us. It is cold, but it will be warmer than Toronto! love. ❤

    • I actually don’t like the whole process of cleaning but right now I have a bit of time and my place really does need to be tidied up. Before Xanga got updated, there was a way to Archive your blog and the pictures. It would generate these archives into WordPress compatible files. When you set up a new WordPress account, you could import them in. I have my archives but I never imported them in.

      I have some old letters too and I have no idea what to do with them.

  4. Hmmm I know how you feel about the roller coaster of emotions at the moment. I love that you found stuff written to you by your mom and dad. I’m sure you will treasure those materials!

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