Clattering Away at Decluttering

I took advantage of the past couple of weeks to do a bit of cleaning and decluttering.  I’ve donated some old clothes and books have been donated.  There’s still more to go.  It’s difficult for me to get rid of clothes and books.  But I figured if I haven’t worn it or it’s way out of style – then it needs a new home.  The books I’m keeping are the ones that I enjoyed more than others.  It was easy to get the first few bags out of the way.  But now, it becomes a bit tougher.

I’ve shredded some old papers and receipts.    My place has hardwood floors and I hand wiped some of the high traffic areas as my mop can’t get it as clean.  I cleaned the garbage containers with hot water and soap.  I made a mental note to get that Konmari book that Andrew recommended.

The place still looks the same though but I feel a bit better.  I moved my dresser around in my bedroom so things flow a bit better.  My place doesn’t have a lot of cupboards and storage areas.  When I buy toilet paper on sale, I shove them underneath my bed.  If you didn’t know why – you would probably think I have some odd fetish.

Lately I’ve been able to remember my dreams.  I’m not sure why although I suspect it’s my new meds.  I’ve been watching this TV show called Into the Badlands.  The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed.  Naturally in my dream, I’m this sword fighter.  I’m positive it’s a recurring dream because I keep thinking I hope this is not going to hurt.  The odd thing is that I’m butt naked when I’m in my warrior mode.  My enemies probably laugh when they see me and then my sword silences them.

My only wish for 2016 is to be healthy, both physically and mentally.  Take care everyone and thanks for continuing to read / skim / sort of look at / tl;dr my blog.


23 thoughts on “Clattering Away at Decluttering

  1. You seem to have a lot of dreams with nudity. I wonder what that means? We cleaned our place too but not because of the new year but because F’s parents were visiting.

    Wish you will have a less stressful 2016 and hope all your work problems get sorted for the better!!

  2. Decluttering seems like something I need to do, too. I cannot possibly understand how people can live with no or just a few books and no paper. Well, maybe I am messy/hoarder and others are normal.

    • You need Andrew to provide some directions for you. hahaha…

      My sister and brother don’t seem to have the same nostalgic feelings for objects. I’ve longed stop keeping jars, rubber bands etc.. in case I need them. My dad kept so many books because during the war, he didn’t have anything to read. Books to him symbolized education and knowledge and it was important to him to be well read.

  3. I also have clutter sometimes too. You guys keep saying you have so much stuff but I’m always imagining stuff like those shows where people can’t walk into their house anymore because it’s so packed with stuff. However don’t you just feel so much better when you’re in a room that’s so completely organised and neat and clean? Having a clean and neat house can change your mood, which I think is awesome.

  4. Love your title! Great job on the cleaning and decluttering! 🙂
    Yes, tis the season to declutter…beginning of the new year is a good time!
    I like orderly…but then other times I like things a bit messy. They say “a cluttered desk is a sign of genius”. 😉 But, A. Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” 😛
    Interesting dream. Years ago I had a dream that I was a naked zombie and my nakedness drew my neighbors close to get a peek at me and then I ate their brains. Yeah. I’m weird. And I think that there should be some naked zombies on The Walking Dead. I was gonna’ blog about this dream when I had it, but I wasn’t sure if people would be freaked out about it. Ha. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. Aww, here’s to good health for 2016! I have been cleaning as well and am planning on donating/recycling my old electronics, which have been lying around for quite some time. Decluttering is always soothing for me, and I feel better looking at the cleanliness afterwards 🙂

  6. i like your dream. i wouldn’t mind having a similar one myself. to me, it says that you do have strength in you, despite how you may be seen to others and to yourself. when things come to push and shove, when the occasion begs for it, you’ll rise above your problem and able to solve it. it is partially shown in your decluttering effort. though it maybe a bit difficult for you to let many things go, you still put it into action.

    • I hope to donate some more stuff this weekend and continue this path of decluttering. I figure if I haven’t used something in over a year or worn something for many years, someone else can make better use of it. You have a very positive way of interpreting my dreams. J just calls them weird. hahahaha…

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