So This is Christmas…

So my Christmas dinner came and went on the 26th.  It was better than I expected. It was with my brother’s extended family.  They are all nice folks… but it’s not like I hang out with them all the time.  My brother is great with 2 of the kids and treats them like they were his sons.  I asked the hostess if she needed any help.   She was trying to be polite and shooed me away.

But eventually I helped reheat some of the food in the oven (pot luck Xmas dinner), kept the gravy stirred and warm, stirred the soup, checked the potatoes, helped plate the soup… etc.  She tried to get me to agree to teach her how to cook Chinese.  I made a lame joke.  “First you take a Chinese guy.  Then you season him and put him in a pot…”  *groan*

Dinner was delicious.  The turkeys (2) were moist.  It was simply roasted in a BBQ with basic salt, pepper and covered with bacon.  All the drippings went to the gravy pot.  I skipped desserts but nibbled at a lot of appetizers.   I was so stuffed that I didn’t even try to get seconds.  The kids already had their Christmas gifts from their parents.  Tonight was round 2 for them.  There was the usual noise, parents disciplining a few for being too rowdy, 3 yr old boy apologizing with mom “coaching”, kids stealing candies, kids staring at large dogs, dogs sniffing kids, and kids crying (serves them right for leaving Lego toys all over and then stepping on them afterwards).

I left a bit early to head to J’s family dinner.  I just sat around and enjoyed the post dinner conversation and laughs.  The kids grow up so fast.  I gave J a quick foot rub because he was standing all day cooking.  We watched a bit of TV and then I left to head home.

So another Christmas gone.  I wonder about my parents.  When I was younger I wondered what Christmas would be like without them.  Lately my mind has been clouded from the dark winter days and a variety of health related issues.  I’m also more conscious of the value of time.  After watching my parents pass and being in the hospital earlier in the year, I made a lot of promises to myself.  It’s sad, those ones are the easiest to break.

And so the journey continues.  I’m older and hopefully a bit wiser.


25 thoughts on “So This is Christmas…

  1. Aw so many people all at once, that’s so cool. I know most people hate that, but it’s nice, no? Hmm, I’m curious about what promises you made yourself, but either way, today is a new day, Matt!

    • Promises to myself? Some are basic things like getting healthier, finding a better job and stuff like that. I blame the daily grind of work. But at the end of the day, there’s really no one to blame but myself. 😦

  2. How to cook Chinese! HA! 😀 I gotta’ share that one with my nephew…he is Chinese and his wife (my niece) is Korean.
    Sounds like a good Christmas, Matt! 🙂
    It’s weird after our parents die and we realize (other than a few older aunts and uncles) that WE are now the “older” generation…especially while watching all kids running around.
    I hope 2016 is a great year for you…job-wise, health-wise, etc-wise! 🙂 I send my bestest wishes to you!
    Almost 2016 HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. aw. i appreciate the somberness and sarcasm of the post. =) it reflects your personality well.

    the holidays are always different when your parents are no longer around. there’s definitely an emptiness i feel when i visit my mom-in-law’s place; her memories flood me but she’s gone. you’re right.. you become more conscious of time afterwards. growing older is tough.

    hope the new year will be full of growth and wisdom for you. =)

    • The turkey was quite juicy and she had large food containers for everyone to take food home. Someone took the bones otherwise I would have made stock.

      And yeah, I should be more active in my life. I did go to the gym the other day. :-p

      • Mmm…sandwiches with turkey left over, cranberry sauce and stuffing is my favourite! Oh too bad you didn’t get the bones, they would have been delicious. My grandfather uses the bones the next day to make congee!

      • I’ve never used turkey stock for congee before. Yeah, the bones went to my brother who carved the turkey and to the host. I don’t have a lot of room in my fridge though. I just made stock from all the roast chicken bones and vegetable scraps I saved up.

  4. on the 26th, i was stuck in my x’s home due to tornado. together we had planned to go out for our bday dinner (yes, we both have the same bday). but due to inability to leave the house, we ended up reheating left over christmas food and watched a movie. it was rather nice and relaxing. though sadly, lacking romantic touch that i would have liked, since we both are just friends now.

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