Comments on Restricted Blogs

WordPress can be a bit strange especially with comments.  Anytime someone responds to my comment, their response shows up in my reader.  But if the blog is restricted, I never get notified.  So sometimes I’ll have to remember to check.  When I see it in my reader, it’ll have the number of comments.  But sometimes it’s wrong.

I actually have to click on the comments to see how many comments were left there and if anyone responded to my comment.  Argh… I know it’s a small thing but I wish I could figure this out.

So those of you that have restricted blogs and wonder why I keep clicking on your blogs – well this is why.  I’m not really stalking you guys.  Honest.


10 thoughts on “Comments on Restricted Blogs

  1. True, I’ve never worked out how to get notified of replies on private blogs. So, I just reclick on that person’s blog to see if there are any replies. Footprints and views are nothing to worry about, anyway, lol. Stamp on our pages all you want!

      • This has actually been on my mind, now that I realise it must be a pain having to sift through blog entries just for this. Just want to say sorry for the trouble you have to go through to check for replies. I’m actually now considering making a new public blog 😛

      • There’s no need to apologize for something you didn’t do. It’s a WordPress problem. Don’t let this be the reason you want to make a blog public. There’s only a handful of private blogs that I follow.

        Have a great weekend and don’t think about this anymore. Just focus on the water polo team. 😉

  2. It is a bummer.
    I always go back to “private” sites to see if I got comments to my comments…if they don’t show up in my reader…it only takes a few minutes to check.
    I am one who will ALWAYS comment back to every comment I get on every one of my blogposts…so always check back on me. 🙂
    Almost 2016 HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I follow quite a few sites and some post several updates a day. So it’s a bit of a hassle to scroll and find your blog and Andrew’s blog. I know – it’s a first wold problem… but I like to complain.

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