Odd dreams

I’m having some really strange dreams lately.

In one dream, I’m running around trying to prepare background material for Hillary Clinton.  She was going to meet Winston Churchill and my job was to prep her for the meeting.  I remember thinking – how would I get all of this info into PowerPoint?

In another one, I was back at my first job in a restaurant.  In real life, I worked there as a dish washer and kitchen help.  The restaurant used to be a very dark lit place.  The staff joked this was to hide the dirt.  This time, I’m a waiter and the place is well lit.  It was an uneventful dream, the owner in real life was a nice guy but he drank and swore a lot.  This time he was a mild mannered nice guy.

In this morning’s dream, I found myself sitting in on a meeting.  The person was talking about evaluating and testing this new mainframe.  I was asking some good questions on how well it handled relational databases vs hierarchical databases, how it handled massive sort routines etc…  (in real life, I’m not a technical person).  Then I  was going back to my desk in another building.  But I had to walk through a public place first.  Except I wasn’t walking.  I was sitting on a skateboard and guiding it through the crowd There were people walking around shopping, families with kids and then a naked guy who was doing yoga and stretches.  And then there was another naked guy walking around.  Except none of them had any genitals.  Then a third guy started to undress but chickened out and quickly got dressed.

I don’t even want to interpret the last dream.


18 thoughts on “Odd dreams

  1. Wow a jumbled, all over the place dream. I really do get a sense these are the types of dreams I have, too, except most of mine never involve being busy at work (which probably means this is reflective of your life, just a guess). Dreams are so random and so mysterious lol, makes us humans see weird things that we don’t think about.

  2. Wild dreams, Matt! It’s fun to try to figure out what our dreams mean…but, often it’s not easy to do so. I think dreaming is a way for our mind to process the stuff we see, hear, think about. 🙂
    It’s cool that you remembered these and wrote them down.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. I am hoping that Hilary is not going to kick the bucket.
    Seems like you may be getting a good position in the near future??
    I don’t know what the effing heck your third dream means! Excuse the language!
    Love you.

  4. so many naked guys in your dream. genital-less aside, it could mean something really important. since it is mixed with politics and work. maybe you SHOULD try to interpret it. even just for fun.

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