Lee Child

Lee Child is the author of the very popular Jack Reacher novels and one of my favourite authors.   I read these 2 articles a few weeks ago at New York Times website about him and it was just fascinating.  As Lee Child was writing his latest novel, another writer was shadowing him and writing about how Lee Child writes.

The Professor on Lee Child’s Shoulder

The Annotated Reacher

After reading these, I felt a mixture of discouragement and inspiration.  I know I have a lot to learn about writing.  But I  under estimated how much more.  But I really shouldn’t let this discourage me.  Although I wished I had paid a lot more attention at my English classes in school.   I did start to look at writing classes again.  I wished they weren’t so expensive.  But there’s also the part where students have to read their stories to the class.  I think that’s making me a lot more nervous.   But it’s a good idea to push myself… I think.


10 thoughts on “Lee Child

  1. I realized during my thesis writing that writing starts with organizing your thoughts as snippets. After you have your framework, then you come up with the filling. As always: organization is everything.
    I suggest you go for the writing class.

  2. I think you are a good writer (and I read A LOT, so I feel I know good writing), so if you enjoy writing or it is a passion or dream, then you should go for it! I think a writing class would be cool! My young-adult daughter has been taking some in her neighborhood at a local community center. She enjoys the classes and says she’s learned a great deal.
    I will check out the links you shared.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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