I Could Use a Bit of Slo Mo

I came across this video from the New York Times some time ago and it struck a chord with me.  It’s about a neurologist who gave up his practice and does nothing more than rollerblade up and down the Pacific Beach boardwalk in San Diego.  He just lives with the bare essentials.  I have no idea what it was in the story that really appealed to me.   Was it the idea of getting away from life?  Was it the freedom to do what you want?  Maybe it was just living simply and being in tuned with yourself and the rhythm of life.   It’s probably all of the above.

Maybe I can just sell everything and move to a small town somewhere.  Or a small cottage up north.  But I can’t even start a fire or chop wood or fix anything.  Or maybe I could just travel and live out of a backpack.  It would have to be a big backpack (laptop, my big honking dslr, chargers, lenses plus clothes and stuff, wok, rice cooker…)

Then I remember it’s not that simple to walk away from life.  I still need some type of income.   I don’t have his income and certainly couldn’t afford a house on the coast.   Some people look at that ex doctor and say what a waste of talent.  What do you think?

Here’s the background of the video from the film maker Josh Izenberg.



11 thoughts on “I Could Use a Bit of Slo Mo

  1. I love this. There have been many times where I have had a glimpse of a future in which I quit working and become a volunteer at the orphanage, or just travel around, or teach or do something like that.

    In the meantime, I have to say that I find that sense of bliss in what I do. When I am facilitating a class or, more often, having a discussion with someone, and I can see the lightbulb go on for them, there’s that moment of profound satisfaction.

  2. Its a fun thing to ponder. Just remember. This is your life and as far as we know this may be all you have. Traveling on your own may be interesting but you may dearly miss your friends and family that you walked away from (Into the Wild movie comes to mind). Is it a change of scenery or a hanger of mindset? Maybe changing the scenery will help with changing the mindset. I really hope you find some inner peace or inner satisfaction somehow. It’s of high importance.

    • I had this post in draft for many months and forgotten about it. I read it the other day and it still speaks to me. The past few days at work hasn’t been great so I’ve been worrying a lot and not sleeping much.

      • I’ve just watched the video. Wow…. I did not expect the video to be like that…. Something about the video also makes me worry – when he says something along the lines of him going to keep skating until he dies into oblivion. It’s scary to think of death (oblivion). Gone. No more. It’s true isn’t it? “DO WHAT YOU WANT TO.” No ifs, no buts, just DO WHAT YOU WANT TO.

  3. I find this fascinating! Yay for him! 🙂
    I think we all have to find the way(s) to make our life work…do what is best for us…so we can life and enjoy our life. And most of us have to have a job…so that takes priority over other things. BUT, I think we MUST find things to do that bring us joy and even help others. We must find the balance of work and hobbies/traveling/volunteer-work, etc.
    Thanks for sharing this video, Matt! It really spoke to me! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Please protect your chestnuts around open fires! 😮 (Ha! I’m really into the Holiday songs/music! 😉 😛 )

  4. i recently read an article on an executive who doesn’t own and use a cell phone. i guess in this day and age where our lives are heavily depended on an electronical gadget, sometimes it would be nice to just spend time or days without them. you know, going back to basic. after all, we didn’t used to need them back in the 90s, and even the many years before that.

    • Rudy – I love your binge reading and commenting. I see you’ve changed the name of your blog, I guess you just wanted something different? I think all these devices have their place but I’m puzzled why people are so glued to them especially when they are walking and worse – driving.

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