I saw a link to this video on someone’s Instagram.  The photographer is Kai Elmer Sotto.   He was just one of many Intagrammers that I follow and I just know him as someone who takes some really nice pictures.  I checked out a link in his profile the other day and it was this video below.

It turns out Mr. Sotto is one of the many partners of a foundation called PhilDev (Philippine Development Foundation).  If you have time, please check them out.  There are so many different ways to support them.  I’m glad in this crazy and often greedy world, there are still people who want to make it a better place.




6 thoughts on “PhilDev

  1. I got goosebumps. This is amazing!!! He has an impressive story to go from where he started, to get to where he is now. It’s so remarkable how he grew up in a farmer that were farmers in rural Phillippines, to then get into Stanford (!!) and then to design computer chips that became a business success! Bravo.

    • I had a similar reaction. It’s hard for me to imagine all the hardships he faced and how he might have wanted to give up or settle for less. And now he wants to give back and help others when he could have retired quietly. He’s got my respect.

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