A Slow Day at the Voting Station

I went to the advance voting today because I’ll be away during the elections here in Canada.  There was about a dozen people in front of me.  I thought this would be quick.  But the line wasn’t moving at all.   There were 3 stations we had to go through.    The area for the voting is small and narrow.  The stations were tables set up against the wall leading up to the ballot box at the end of this small hallway.   All the tables were parallel to the wall.  The line up covered the all of the tables.  When the line up moved by 1 person.  Only the first person in the first station  could take on the next person.  The other 2 people couldn’t do anything because of the line up in front of them.

The first person looked at my voting card and tried to match it against thick binder.  Once she located my name and address, she would carefully cross out my name in the binder.   She gave me back my voting card.  I couldn’t move because of the line up so I stood in front for another 5 to 10 minutes.  At the next station, a man took my card, matched my name against the list of names in his thick binder and crossed it out.  He also reviewed the 2 pieces of ID.  He then wrote my name and address down on a ledger and asked me to sign it.  This took a few more minutes.  Then I had to wait for the line to move before I was able to get my ballot.  The woman who gave me the ballot asked me if the man beside him already took down my name.  I said he did. I can only guess she wasn’t watching.   She gave me the ballot and I continued to wait because there was only 1 voting booth.

But thankfully this last step was quick.  Once I marked the ballot, I walked back to the previous station and put my ballot into the box.  The woman then looked at me and said I was supposed to give it to her first.   I stared at her and wondered why she never told me that.  She then sigh and said that was ok.  I shook my head as I walked out.  As I left, I passed the growing line up.  Some people were complaining loudly.

I can’t believe in this day and age we have such an inefficient process.  A barcode on the voter card, some scanners and a few laptops / iPads would go a long way to streamlining this process.  There were 2 people who looked like supervisors.  Yet they did nothing to improve the long wait.

It’s probably one of the reasons why people don’t vote.  No one likes to line up.   It just contributes to the apathy.  A low voter turnout probably makes the incumbent government even more entrenched.  Despite all of these headaches, mind numbing inefficiencies and madness, I still vote and am thankful that I live in a country that allows elections.  I just wish our government and Elections Canada would make it easier and more efficient.


7 thoughts on “A Slow Day at the Voting Station

  1. I remember the first time I was allowed to vote and how excited I was to be part of the electoral process. Nowadays, I cannot be bothered to vote because I feel
    like my vote doesn’t make a difference anyway.

  2. Gosh what a waste of time – however, yes, I am also thankful that we live in countries that allow us to vote! It’s the same in Australia, where it’s a very manual process. Oh well, it doesn’t happen often. Our Prime Minister changed without us voting for him (he was in the same party)… and I didn’t like that fact (even though I didn’t like the previous prime minister). I can only imagine how much more it sucks when it’s a dictator running your country. Haha.

  3. Interesting to hear about the process. Yes, I often wonder why things are not more efficient given the technology we have. There is still TOO much paper work and room for human error in the way things are done today. Bummer.
    But, it IS great to be able to vote!
    HUGS and Happy Sat-Day!!! 🙂

  4. In NY, it’s the same – whenever I go to vote, my voting station is always somewhere in the basement of a shady looking building, it’s bizarre.
    Haha, I forgot you were from Toronto! When I went there, I was surprised to see pictures of the candidates posted in public. I don’t think that would work in NYC, since people would definitely draw things all over their faces, lol

  5. I’m glad you voted despite the frustrating process and inefficiency. I knew I’d be away on voting day too so I got a mail-in ballot. With so many people in the world fighting (and dying) for their right to determine their own future, we should never take democracy for granted. Voter apathy in Canada just floors me sometimes – and yes it benefits the incumbent government.

  6. it is also never hi-tech here when it comes to an election. but we do get more than one booth. the last time i voted, there were 3 booths to go to. and so there wasn’t too long of a wait. we all waiting at a seating area until our name called out for us to go to a booth to vote. so no need to wait standing in line.

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