Let’s Play Doctor

My family doctor has retired and I’m going to miss her.  She was a great listener, inquisitive and a straight shooter.  She didn’t believe in prescribing medicine for the sake of prescribing something.  She told me at our first meet and greet that if I wanted pills for every ailment then she’s not that type of a doctor.  She expected her patients to stay as healthy as they could.   She was the 3rd or 4th doctor that I had a meet and greet with and I knew I found the right one.   While she fussed over me, I got to listen to her perspective on what it takes to run a family practice.  When they changed their computer systems, I tried to give some advice on what to look out for.   She cared about her profession and worried about the decline in government funding.

She told me once that there are some doctors who are very picky about their patients.  Younger and healthier patients require less time so they can bill for more visits per day.  Her office was always busy and none of my appointments were ever on time.  But a lot of her patients didn’t seem to mind.  I was always able to nap on her waiting room.  I remembered dozing off into a deep sleep only to wake up when I almost fell forward.  Everyone in the waiting room was staring at me.

She had a wonderful sense of humor and I always tried to find something funny to joke about as she poked, pulled and inspected parts of me that I never want anyone to inspect.  One time, she told me to go to the washroom for a urine sample.  She handed me a small bottle and said I could just give it to the receptionist when I’m done.  I paused.  I told her everyone will see what I’m handing over and what if the receptionist gets grossed out?  She chuckled and gave me a plastic bag.

I had the option of following her partners but they were moving to another office and I didn’t want to travel too far.  So on her last day, she gave me file to take to my new doctor.  I gave her a thank you card and a hug.

So now, I’m meeting a new doctor for a meet and greet.  I hope it works out.


17 thoughts on “Let’s Play Doctor

  1. She sounds wonderful! My doctor appointments usually take 15 minutes, and I always feel like she is rushing me out or just giving me referrals to anything I ask about 😦 I think I need a new doctor, lol

  2. She sounds amazing!
    I hope it works out, too…that you find as good a new doctor…and soon.
    Lately, I’ve been dealing with more doctors than I ever wanted to. Most are very good.
    How sweet of you to give her a hug and a card! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. It’s great that your precious doctor was one who didn’t prescribe medication for every issue. A lot of people rely on it too much. Good luck in finding a new good doctor.

  4. This is the type of relationship I had with my first therapist. She was always busy, but made time for me whenever I needed it (although she kept a little too strictly to a schedule). But we definitely clicked as patient and caregiver..such an important relationship, especially since they know very personal things about you!

  5. I really hate finding new doctors… :-\

    You guys probably don’t have this problem, but we have so many insurance network here, and not all doctors subscribe to them )’:

  6. finding the right doctor is never easy. let alone one you could feel comfortable with. it gets very personal when it comes to doctors. i hope your next one would be just as good as the one whom just retired.

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