What Blood Moon?

When I was driving home last night, I managed to see the moon glowing brightly in the eastern sky.  There’s a spot near my place with a clear sight of the sky.  There were already a few people watching the moon.  Some had cameras and tripod set up already.  When I was a kid, my grandmother would tell us about the moon goddess.  She would point at the picture in the tin box of mooncakes.  It was always a beautiful woman with long flowing robes hovering in the sky.


source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chang’e

We listened to her while munching away on our moon cakes during the mid autumn festival.  We would dutifully sit and stare at the moon awaiting her appearance.  Of course with our short attention span, we would walk away or do something else.  That’s when our grandmother would tell us we missed her appearance.  We would have to wait another year because we were too impatient.

That’s what it felt like last night.  I went to the spot, there was a handful of people there.  It grew to about 20.  All of us were waiting for the clouds to part so we could see the blood moon.  I waited and waited.  I checked my app to make sure I was looking at the right spot.  I was sure the clouds would part.  After about 45 minutes of waiting,  I was the only one left.  The eclipse had already happened.   I slowly walked home and enjoyed a bit of the night air.  Maybe next year… oh wait, it’s going to be 2033 or something like that.



9 thoughts on “What Blood Moon?

  1. I think you saw the disappearance of the moon , due to the clouds but disappeared anyway ; so the moon was eclipsed for you even if it was not due to the earth shadow. . I hope this may be a solace ! 🙂
    In friendship

  2. I think you have to wait for about 18 years for it to happen again. BUT, didn’t we have another Blood moon earlier this year? So may be there will be another one next year. Whatever the fact, you can easily wait for the next 18 years if the blood moon doesn’t happen next year…. unlike yours truly…. in eighteen years, Zakiah will be a thought, a memory! 😦
    My grandmother used to tell us similar stories about the princess in the moon.

  3. i totally missed out on the whole moon thing. not that i was oblivious to the blood/super moon occasion. i just was not into it. never did.

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