Creak, groan, crack…

I feel like my body is starting to fall apart.  My back is not quite 100% yet.  I have another treatment this week.  The chiropractor told me to follow a regimen of exercises for my core and stretching.  I have to visit my podiatrist again.  One of my toes is giving me problems.  I already replaced my orthotics which decreased the pain but has not eliminated it.  My dentist and hygienist has drilled into my head about the need to brush, floss and waterpick every day.  My doctor warned me about high blood pressure and the need to practice a healthier lifestyle.

There are days when I feel like I should plan my own funeral because the end is just around the corner.  But I procrastinate so I never do get around to plan my own funeral.

I also need to read and write more.


14 thoughts on “Creak, groan, crack…

  1. Knowing your own issues is a good start, I guess. I suppose we all go through this at some point. Maybe it’s time you and your partner move in together and look after each other haha. Just a random suggestion.

  2. Wow now that was a morbid post… We all need to find time to take care our physical selves which is often the first thing we don’t do. Hope your toe gets better before your vacation!

  3. Aw. 😦
    Do what you can to take good care of yourself, Matt!
    In the meantime I hope you, your back, your toe, your teeth and all your other parts and bits and pieces can go on vacation and have some fun fun FUN! 🙂
    What you said about procrastinating your funeral planning made me laugh. 😀 Let’s blame my laughter on my current condition! 😉

  4. ahh.. you have to take care of yourself! if you don’t do it, who will?

    have you tried new shoes? i wear orthotics too and i have to be diligent about getting a new pair of sneakers after 1 year; i used to wear them much longer than a year but didn’t realize i was wearing out the cushioning and my feet pain creeps back up again. so i hear ya! dunno if you’re allowed to wear sneakers to work but you should! also try going to a running store where they can watch you walk and specifically recommend a shoe that is appropriate for your gait.

  5. sigh… please stay positive, matt. this year alone i have twice accidentally pulled a nerve/muscle on my lower back. anyways, it hurt. went to the doctor and got myself a ‘ciu-cen-tao’ treatment. kinda like acupuncture, but it goes in deeper and hurts more. plus some chinese herbal medication to go with it. there is nothing like lower back problem that makes one feel old age is coming.

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