This Entry Has 425 Words

It’s a stressful getting ready for vacation.  There’s a ton of stuff at work I have to finish and/or turnover.  No one likes to take on additional workload especially when our team is so small.  But no one complains.  My sis will be looking after my place (at least I hope she will).  So I want to clean up my mess before she comes over.  I have a lot of lights that don’t work, the plumbing needs to be fixed and a few things that I want to get rid off.  Last year I asked her to come by every 5 days or so to water the plants and to pick up my mail.  She cleaned my fridge, my pantry shelves, made a list of all the food stuff in my fridge that was going to expire and organized my rubbermaid containers.  She remains puzzled why I have so many containers without lids and vice versa.  I tell her if she can find my missing socks, she’ll find those missing containers and lids.

I’ve also started a LinkedIn account. The first one I set up matched a bunch of people as potential connections.  I let LinkedIn go through my list of contacts.  But I didn’t realize there were so many people that I don’t want to connect to.  So I deleted that and set up a new one.  But the other day, an ex colleague found me.  Now when I check on “People You May Know”, it’s showing colleagues, relatives, ex colleagues, friends etc…  It’s strange because I used a brand new email id.  I have no idea how LinkedIn matched all these people to my account.  I’m sure some of you will eventually find me there.  I have to spend some quality time on my resume and my LinkedIn.

To top it off, I wrenched my back on Monday.  I think it started last Saturday when I missed a step.  But I saw a chiropractor who stretched, pulled and adjusted me.  My spine didn’t pop though when he adjusted it.  I thought it would because I haven’t cracked my back for a few days.  I also received my first acupuncture treatment too.  I have to go back in a couple of days for another session.

But despite these problems, I’m still fortunate and have it better than a lot of people.  I am still healthy enough to travel.  Even if I lose my job, I have a bit of savings to survive on.  But most of all, I can still write to keep me sane.


15 thoughts on “This Entry Has 425 Words

  1. The reason you were still found on LinkedIn is because your name and credentials are still the same. Oftentimes, they will suggest someone with the exact same name as someone in your existing contacts even if that person doesn’t have the email that matches with the one in your contacts. Also, if it’s someone in your field or company or past companies, this will show up as a result as well.

  2. Getting ready before a vacation is always stressful.
    How long will you be in Taiwan?
    Be careful about LinkedIn and esp. the smartphone app. It’s a spy tool if you ask me. But then again I am generally suspicious of Social Media.

  3. I’m on the post vacation blues…I’ve caught up on the projects but unfortunately now I’m in the peak season for my job.

    Re. LinkedIn, also remember that it may be finding people for you to connect with because other people shared their contact lists which you may be a contact on.

    • I had debated a long time whether or not to use LinkedIn. Everyone I know uses it although some seem to be more dedicated to it. Writing my own resume is a lot tougher than I thought. I usually downplay a lot of my own accomplishments but I can’t do that in a resume.

    • I think my apprehension is trying to find a way to keep my online life separate from my professional life. And yet, there are people that I have encountered from my blogging experience that I do want to connect with on a professional level too. Oh … life is so complicated for anonymous bloggers. hahaha…

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