Vacation planning

J and I are trying to finalize our travel plans for our vacation.  We enjoyed Taiwan so much last time we’re going to go back again.  I have some points on my credit card that I will use to offset some of the hotel bills.  We’re not staying at top of the line hotels (maybe someday).  We’re going to fly EVA air again – it was quite nice last time.  We’ll go on Elite class (Premium Economy).  It’s a long flight and it doesn’t leave until the wee hours of the morning.  The odd thing is they stuff you with food after takeoff.  I don’t know if it’s better to skip the dinner and sleep or just try to stay awake for awhile.

We’ll go back to some of the places we liked and explore others we didn’t get a chance to see.  It should be fun.  I still don’t know any Mandarin (aside from how are you and thank you).  But I don’t think that will be a huge problem.  The only thing I still worry about is getting sick or if something happens at home.   And my biggest fear is still the squat toilet.   There’s also the usual stress of getting my work cleared and properly transitioned.  We just have a small team and whenever one of us goes on vacation, it’s a burden for everyone else.

So I’ll be in Taiwan in a few short weeks if our plans fall in place.


31 thoughts on “Vacation planning

  1. I should book a flight to Taiwan too and hunt you down haha jk I’m flying to Beijing next month with zero Mandarin and I certainly look nowhere near the locals so goodluck to me! Happy travels! Drink a lot of Taiwan milk tea for me hehe

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