No Strippers

J and I had a nice but tiring weekend.  A friend invited us to his bachelor party (no strippers or anything like that).  He had a wide circle of friends that don’t often intersect.  It was the first time I met any of them.   We pigged out on some food and then went to a sports bar.  The baseball game was on a big screen so we watched that, talked about cars, drank beer, laughed at each other’s corny jokes, shared stuff on our phones, talked about planes, carrier plans and just did what guys do.  For a bunch of straight guys, there wasn’t any crude jokes.  There were a few quiet moments and everyone sort of retreated to their phones or watched the game.

Before we went to this, J asked me if I have ever been to a bachelor party / stag before.  I told him I did.  The worse was one large party at this condo by the waterfront.  The neighbours called the cops because it got too loud.  There was just booze everywhere and 2 strippers.  The food was just some cut veggies and cold sandwiches.  Gross… the only thing I enjoyed was the waterfront view.

I guess I’m a bit too clean cut.  Or maybe that’s the image I want to portray here to fool all of you.


13 thoughts on “No Strippers

  1. Ha! And we will never know unless you tell us! 😉 😛
    I think it’s interesting that sometimes after age 35 or so, some people have had it with loud wild parties and don’t like attending them. Notice I said “sometimes” and “some people” and I didn’t say if I feel that way or not! Hmm…I might often be the wild at said parties…but, then you’ll never know! 😛
    Glad you had some fun and food! 🙂
    Speaking of retreating into phones…I have a friend who is tired of being out and everyone is staring at their phones. He said, “I wish people would get their heads outa’ their apps!” 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. that doesn’t sound like a bachelor party at all. more like a regular hanging out with the guys who want to be away from their misses.

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