So frustrated…

So I exploded today at work and let loose a string of expletives… not professional.   I need to learn not to let sleazy sales people get to me… even if they deserve it.  Growl.


14 thoughts on “So frustrated…

  1. What did you say, Matt?! Darn, shoot, crap, heck, darn them to heck, motherfracker, son of a bucket, fudge, bullhockey. ??? 😉 😛
    It’s okay. Sometimes a good expletive is necessary…even a string of them. But, yeah…not professional at work. 😦
    Darn those sleazy sales people! o_O

  2. This is not normally you so I think it’s just you venting. Hey we are human! 🙂 when I worked at the call centre I realised some people just need to vent and it’s ok. Just try to say sorry at the end – it makes things better.

    • I actually have a pretty good relationship with one of the sales guy. I told him it wasn’t him but the others in the room that pissed me off. (and I really shouldn’t let others control my feelings). He felt badly and apologized on their behalf but I told him it wasn’t him that needed to apologize. Anyways… I’m better now. 🙂

  3. stay calm, matt. must be all that stress compressed internally that just waiting to come out. i honestly don’t think you are this sort of person. it’s just a bad day at work. besides, we all allowed to explode once in a long while. it helps to remain sane. i think.

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