Going back in time

A few weeks ago, I looked at a satellite map (Google) of my old home.  I strained to recognize any landmarks but the only thing I barely recognized was my school.  It was a sprawling campus with that had kindergarten to high school.  There used to be empty lots around it but the school is now surrounded by houses and apartment buildings.  The school is so different now.  I saw some of the pictures from its website.  They must have made a lot of changes over the years.

As I scrolled around the satellite map, I saw the airport where we marveled at the planes.  I couldn’t wait for them to land and take off.  I wasn’t able to find the place where my dad worked anymore.  I knew it had been torn down many years ago.  But I thought I might recognize some old landmarks.

When my dad was in the hospital, I brought my laptop and showed him some of the old pictures of the city he grew up in.  Even though his memory was fading, he quickly recognized a lot of places.  I kept scrolling through the pictures and each one seemed to spark a story.  All of a sudden he started to cry.  My sister glared at me for upsetting him and I quickly closed my laptop.  It took awhile to calm him down.  About a month later when he finally was discharged and was told he was going home, he was so happy.

When he got home he told me he thought when he was told he was going home, he was going back to the old country.  Although he told us he recognized the house, I think he really didn’t understand what was going on.

It’s strange.  I don’t usually think about where I was born but some days I am curious about the country we left behind.  I still have some relatives there although I’m not close to them.  Maybe I’ll fly back one of these days and do a bit of exploring.


17 thoughts on “Going back in time

  1. Yes, you should fly back and take the Xangians with you. We’ll all wear brown plastic bags to remain anonymous. 😁
    Even though my home town is not an Asian city and change is rather slow there, when I go home now I do spot things that were different from my childhood. It’s strange how the old just fades away, and we kind of accept it.

  2. I think you SHOULD take that trip and explore! 🙂
    I think more of the house I grew up in, than the city. The house holds good and bad memories. My parents had the house for over 55 years. And I was there when it had to be cleaned out and packed up. (My Dad had died and my Mom was in her 90’s) I only saw the house once after it was sold. I’m not sure I ever want to see it again. It’s interesting how some things change drastically and yet other things don’t change at all.

    • I don’t know anyone there except for some relatives that I’ve lost touch with. I never kept contact with anyone from school there. I think I would need to get in the right frame of mind before I go.

  3. i too feel like going back to my grandparents’ hometown in china. never been there. don’t even speak the language. only few older relatives left, since they are still alive, whom i know and able to take me there if needed. they have gone back few times in the past and so i can only assume they may still have kept contact with our extended relatives there. it’s rather sad when knowing we have family in other countries, yet we don’t know them. for all we know, they could be walking pass by us tomorrow and we won’t have a clue and just think they are typical tourists from china.

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