There are a couple of shows on TV about mediums.  These are people who can communicate with the dead.  I’ve had an interest in this subject since I was a teenager.  I wondered what language spirits would communicate in.  Would it be the language they last used or do they just send images or thoughts?  Sometimes I wonder who would show up if I went to a medium and what they would say to me.

By coincidence, my sister in law saw one recently and her parents appeared with messages and information only she knew about.  And then my dad showed up to pass a message to my brother and to my sister.  It was really interesting to hear what he told them.  I can’t really get into details of what the messages were.  The medium’s description of my dad fitted him.  When my sister heard the message for her, it made a lot of sense to her.

The other general message was that my parents (and others) are well and happy.  The medium closed by saying that they are always around looking after us.

Interesting… what do you folks think?


26 thoughts on “Mediums

  1. I honestly think these “mediums” are shams. They are really good at picking up information and repackaging it, but I don’t believe they can communicate with the dead.
    There is currently a show titled “Long island medium” on one of the cable channels. This lady and their hair … retro is the nicest thing I can think of.

    • Yeah, I watch that show too. It’s a bit too set up I think. But my brother, who is just as skeptical as you are found it fascinating because the medium knew things that my sister in law wasn’t aware of.

  2. I’ve never been to a medium or psychic, so I have no first hand experience…but, I believe our spirit lives on after our body dies. I want (like) to think that those who have passed on can see us and are around us…wishing us well, etc. Just believing that helps me through the days, especially the rough days. I don’t think I would pay a medium to pass on messages to me from the departed, but it might be kind of interesting to try once.
    If it IS possible to be around after we die…I already plan to come back and have some fun, and mess with, those people I love most! 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Contrary to my background in the cold logic of science, I am fascinated by occultism and the paranormal. Though, I can’t say for certain if I’m a believer or not, there are definitely some unexplained occurrences out there.

    Some tv shows I’ve watched…

    Dead Files – a team composed of a retired homicide investigator and a psychic. They make a point to do their investigations separately and report back to the homeowners and each other at the end. Ignoring the obvious fact that the two investigators can communicate off-screen, there are some moments when their separate investigations bring out some eerily parallel conclusions.

    Paranormal Home Inspectors – a Canadian team of investigators made up of a historian, certified home inspector, and a psychic. Similar approach to Dead Files, except they’re in Canada lol

    Ghost Adventures – a team of glorified frat-star paranormal investigators that functions as their own camera crew. They go around to various haunted locations (mostly US, some international sites) and lock themselves in for the night while recording activity with all kinds of gadgets.

    My favorite paranormal show is Supernatural, but that’s completely fictional. They have some interesting concepts and renditions of familiar urban legends and horror stories.

    I’ve heard of a talented group of mediums in my hometown, so I might give them a visit when I travel.

    • I was exchanging emails with my brother on what the medium told my sister in law. It was interesting because some of the stuff the medium talked about were things my sister in law didn’t know. She went back to my brother to verify.

      What’s also strange is that in my extended family, there’s a boy about 3 yrs old whose grandmother passed away before he was born. Yet when he was shown the picture of his grandmother, he used the same nickname for the grandmother as his cousins. It’s strange.

      • The kid used to just stare at something when he would play in his house. The parents couldn’t figure out what he was looking at. Now that he can talk, he says “daddy, come here, there are people”. I also found out his great grandmother had psychic abilities so maybe it runs in the family.

      • Just gonna post my reply to your reply to my reply here cause wordpress won’t let me reply.

        I’ve also heard that psychic abilities run in families, sometimes skipping a generation or two. If psychic abilities are a real thing, I’m willing to bet there is some underlying biological difference in the genetic make-up of psychics to that of normal individuals.

        This also reminded me of something they do in “Dead Files.” At the end of every episode, the psychic (who up to this point has supposedly not interacted with her partner investigator or the homeowners) has a sketch artist do a rendition of the spirits she sees and their interactions with the living. They show it to the homeowners at the end, and it’s usually pretty shocking cause it alludes to some very specific fact that the psychic couldn’t have known or something only the homeowners knew.

  4. There are certain things I believe can happen. I have to take them with a pinch of salt. Sufism and mysticism are some branches where transcendental meditation can sometimes elevate them to a different level. I can totally understand and empathize with your mother’s feelings about her father’s presence around her. There have been occasions in my life when I have felt that, and know that my father was with me. Having said that, I think that there are mediums who are genuine and who are able to talk to you about your relatives. Then there are others who find out about who is coming to the meetings, learn about their history, and spill them out. You take some, and you ignore some, me thinks.

  5. yeah, they (mediums) do exist. they do have the ability to channel out to the dead. but i remain skeptical to those who do such services for money. if i were to have such ability, i would get freaked out and never tell a soul about such ability.

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