There are a couple of shows on TV about mediums.  These are people who can communicate with the dead.  I’ve had an interest in this subject since I was a teenager.  I wondered what language spirits would communicate in.  Would it be the language they last used or do they just send images or thoughts?  Sometimes I wonder who would show up if I went to a medium and what they would say to me.

By coincidence, my sister in law saw one recently and her parents appeared with messages and information only she knew about.  And then my dad showed up to pass a message to my brother and to my sister.  It was really interesting to hear what he told them.  I can’t really get into details of what the messages were.  The medium’s description of my dad fitted him.  When my sister heard the message for her, it made a lot of sense to her.

The other general message was that my parents (and others) are well and happy.  The medium closed by saying that they are always around looking after us.

Interesting… what do you folks think?


Dinner Followed by Guilt

I had dinner with the extended family.  The table was creaking and groaning with all the food that someone ordered.  It was way too much even and we had 2 tables.  The food was excellent.  I had a lot of duck, noodles, chicken, pork and fried rice.  I stopped eating partway through dinner.  It was simply too much food.  On the way home, I heard my car straining to move.  It might have been the air conditioner but I swore the car was leaning a bit too much on my side.  When I got near my place, the gas light in my car lit up.  Perfect.  I gorged tonight and now my car also wants to be fed.

When I was filling up my car, I noticed a woman sitting by the door of the gas station asking for change.  Normally pan handlers would also come to those at the gas bar but she wasn’t moving.  3 lovely teen aged girls walked by her and didn’t even acknowledge her.  The panhandler gazed at them and brushed her hair back.  Perhaps she thought years ago she looked beautiful like they did.  When I finished filling my car, I walked over and gave her a bit of change.  She thanked me and smiled.

I got back in my car and watched as she stood up.  Her legs were so skinny, it was really flesh wrapped around her bones.  She struggled to walk.  My meal that was so satisfying earlier now felt like a huge ball of guilt.  She’ll never know what it feels like to have a full stomach.

Maybe I’ve forgotten how fortunate I am.