Job Hunting

I’ve been looking in my company for other jobs.  While there are some vacancies, those that I qualify for still have the same challenges and headaches.  I’ve also been checking job postings at my former school.  There’s not much there that looks interesting though.  I’m pretty well resigned to the fact that whatever job I take outside my company will be a lower paying job. But I’m really hoping that I don’t have to work the long hours anymore or deal with the stress.  My health should at least be better.

I’m also certain whatever job I take won’t be in the IT.  I’m not a technical guy I just work in the IT industry.  So I’m hoping my general skills will be transferable.  I still need to update and polish the resume.  My sister has several versions she uses depending on the job and what skills she wants to highlight.  I’m not there yet but hope to be in a month or two.

At the rate my company is letting go people, I’m sure my turn will come soon.  I’ve been fortunate so far.  But who knows.

So… does anyone want to hire me?  I will remain anonymous of course.   Although the only occupations out there that require a mask are bank robber, hockey goalie, S&M master, super heroes like Batman and a surgeon (when he is in surgery of course).  Or maybe I’ll move to Asia where wearing a mask is a bit more common.  Anyways… I don’t come cheap.  So be prepared to open your wallet.


14 thoughts on “Job Hunting

      • Strangely enough I was just on the hiring side. I guess the most important part of the application is being able to sell yourself both on the resume and cover letter. I always hate it when people don’t give me enough detail about their experience on their cover letter and I have to infer that they have the experience. Also try to prove very clear and succinct examples of work. On the flip side uber long cover letters are also problematic. A tricky balance…

  1. I am currently hiring. I think I will write a blog post about that experience because above all … I learn more about my own job hunting (and what not to do) than find a good candidate to fill the role.

  2. HA! You made me laugh! 😛
    “Who is that masked man?!?!” 😀
    I like being the S in S&M, but I don’t have enough money to pay you well. So, maybe both of us should become bank robbers! 😉 😛
    Good luck and best wishes in the job search, Matt!

  3. Glad you have finally seen the light Matt. You are a good guy and you are better than the crap you have been putting up with. Believe in yourself and try to project that. It makes a difference. Good luck in the next chapter of your life my friend.

    • The constant pressure has gotten to me. I don’t mind if they gave me a package and send me my way. Maybe I’ll do a bit of traveling, photography and writing. I just have to really sort out my finances first.

  4. i agree, health is important over anything else. looking for work is always so daunting for me, mostly because i don’t have that many transferable skills. keep us updated on how things go!

  5. i do hope you find one that fits you perfectly. and yes, your health comes first. my first instinct was to hire you as my blogging man. i’m so out of tune with blogging lately. but then, i realized i can’t afford you 😦 so i’ll just wish you luck and keep my fingers crossed for you.

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