Oh hi there….

I almost forgot I have a blog.  Well, not really.  I’ve been sentenced to work longer hours.  This weekend, I worked some more and thought I could get out Saturday night for dinner.  But my tummy decided to turn upside down.  I knew something was fishy when the day before, when my stomach acted funny.  You would have thought I was grazing on a wheat field all day.  So rather than having dinner with J, I spent Saturday night slurping on a bowl of congee.  Today was more of the same.

As for my short story, I wrote a bit more and maybe I can put out an installment this week.

I hope everyone is doing well.


16 thoughts on “Oh hi there….

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. Work is still busy for me too and I feel guilty that you still write and I don’t. I do have the urge to write though and I have an idea for an entry.

  2. oh geez. sorry i missed this. hope this is a one time thing and that your tummy is all ok now. congee is always a good and comforting meal to have for any health issues.

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