It’s bizarre what my company puts our employees through.  I’ve been putting a lot of long days and nights at work these past couple of weeks.  I had to work this past weekend to meet a tight deadline.  On Saturday, I sent out an email with one of my deliverables.  One guy sent his stuff late Sunday night around 9:30ish.   Another guy sent his on Monday at 4:30 AM.  I signed on just after 7AM to get ready.  My manager and another colleague was already online.

Today I had a meeting at 6PM for another project because that’s the only time when most people were available.  It got moved to 7:30PM because the sales team would still be in meetings with the client.  It’s critical people attend.  A lot of times in these off hours, we hear kids in the background, dogs barking, car noise when people are calling hands free from a car or background noise from an airport.  No one has a 9 to 5 job anymore.

One of my colleagues worked this weekend as well.  At a call today, one of my colleagues in Europe openly talked about more cuts to our global team starting 3Q.  In my team call last week, we were told to be considered “productive”, we had to work at least 50 hrs a week.  If you’re in a senior position, that number is higher.

Anyways… I’m whining.  I’m going to the gym or for a long walk tonight.


24 thoughts on “Stressed

    • I have started to look for another job but it’s just poking around here and there. I’m trying to figure out if I can afford a lot lower paying job but one that is 9 to 5 only.

      Thanks for the encouragement Fred. 🙂

  1. I worked in Los Angeles area for a company based in Washington, DC. We had a mandatory Monday morning call — at 9 am Eastern time (there are 3 hours time difference). We often heard western people snoring on the call. They did change it to 7:30 for a while, but then another call was added that was a conflict. Meantime, I was working an average of 60 hours/week! A walk would have been nice, but that would have conflicted with sleep time!

    • We get that a lot in our company too. The folks out west always got the short end of the stick. They are expected to be available 9AM to 5PM Eastern time but they still have to work till 5PM Pacific time too.

      • Exactly — that makes it an 11-hour day — and then there were reports to write, and paperwork to complete, and I was often working up to 15-hour days before I was able to retire!

  2. Matie, I am glad you find it easy to speak your thoughts out on your blog. it is so cathartic to do that…. letting steam out, I mean. If you have been with this company for many years and people recognize your work, then I am sure other companies and their executives are cognizant of your potential. Don’t stress yourself into a corner, love. Please look around.

  3. So I guess your company isn’t about work life balance…so sorry to hear that you have to put in such long hours and have it seem as if you are not being appreciated. I know we’ve discussed it before but is there no chance to find another job?

    • I’m starting to look but am also very nervous about the prospects of getting a lower paying job. Will I have enough to live on? My sister lost her job over a year ago and still hasn’t found one yet. Every job she’s applied to gets rejected because she’s overqualified. I know her savings is being depleted and I want to be able to help her if she needs it.

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