1.  Work continues to be a grind.  Long hours, job cuts, new processes and procedures to follow… it’s just a grind.  It’s usually late when I’m done and I’m mentally drained.   People are working crazy hours.  My last email came in after 11PM.  It’s really the only time people have to catch up.  On the other hand, my sis is worried because she hasn’t been able to find a job for many months.  It’s eating into her meager savings.

2.  My car is 16 yrs old but it’s still running ok.  It doesn’t have a lot of miles on it.  Since the past few years, I’ve been working from home.  It doesn’t have a lot of safety features like electronic stability control.  But it’s still zippy and handles well.  The other day there were 2 cars ahead of me and we were on a cloverleaf ramp merging into the highway.  The van at the front slowed down.  It’s a very short merging lane and the drivers also need to merge in.  But I was able to get in and zipped out of the traffic.  The only thing I need to get looked at is the vibration that happens when I go above 110 to 120 kph.  It’s not violent but noticeable.  I already had my tires balanced so I hope it’s not something serious.

3. I’m slowly starting to exercise again.  But I need to get one of my toes looked at.  I’ve got really bad feet – flat feet, bunions and now this.  I’ve been wearing orthotic arch support for years.  I hope this isn’t serious.

4.  I’ve been invited to a wedding.  The groom is a nice guy but I’m not that close to him.  He knows both J and I so both of us are invited.  I don’t like weddings.  J reminded me that he did show up at my dad’s funeral and service.  But I hate weddings.  The last one I went to, I spent most of the time on my phone outside the venue.  Maybe there’s a bit of a anti social hermit in me.  Maybe I need to be invited to a gay wedding instead.

5.  I’m jotting down ideas to renovate my bathroom.  It’s tiny.  I have a decent size shower (no tub), the toilet and a sink. I’m looking for new shower stall, nicer tiles that are resistant to mold and especially hard water deposits, more storage and that should be it.


15 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. The work situation sounds depressing.

    Wow, you’re car is super old. It’s cool how it’s still working. It’s probably now going to increase in value because of how old it is? lol

    Keep up the exercise and do what’s the least painful and annoying, if that’s even possible.

    Wow, renovating a bathroom? You must care about the look of your place to want to redesign things 🙂

    • I can’t really afford to spend big bucks on a car. If I buy one, it’ll be because of safety reasons (e.g. crash worthiness). I might get a used car this time. As for the bathroom, it looks ok but it is getting old. At the very least, I have to recaulk the shower stall and sink.

  2. I hope each of these gets deal with and things get better.
    I’m not a big fan of weddings unless I know the one of the couple really well. I’d love to attend a gay wedding…hope to be at one next Spring! 🙂
    Hang in there, Matt! Things will get better! 🙂
    I’ve renovated bathrooms before…it’s fun! Even if you have to do it slowly because of $ or scheduling.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. please stay safe driving that faithful car of yours. you can’t be too careful. and as for the wedding thing, i too hate weddings. but if the guy attended your dad’s funeral, then maybe it’s best to show up at his wedding out of appreciation. you don’t have to stay long. at least be there and shake his hand to congratulate him in person. after that, you and J can just go anywhere you want.

  4. My dream house needs to have a pretty awesome bathroom! I love bathrooms. If I could sleep in one I would. I feel like it’s more private than our actual bedrooms and I usually find solace while sitting on the toilet haha plus the sound of running water is very calming.

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