I’m about to turn into the Hulk because of problems using Microsoft Excel at work.  For some reason it just freezes.  My helpdesk has already told me to delete and reinstall.  I’ve done it twice this year.  I’ve download all the patches, repaired the app and said wonderful things about Microsoft.

We don’t have local helpdesk teams for years now.  It’s all staffed in other countries.  Calling is the most expensive so the application so our company discourages us from calling them.  We can open a ticket or wait to chat with an agent through an Instant Messaging app.  I was 24th in line and it took them less than a minute to say sorry, we can’t help you.   The helpdesk’s stats look good.  It took less than a minute to close a ticket. While I was waiting, I read the reminder that users can scan the same database as the agents to look for similar problems and fixes.

Since I work from home, I have no one nearby to whine to.  I msg a buddy in Montreal who immediately turns his status to “I’m in a meeting.”  I need to vent.


I’m gonna turn into the Hulk and hop over to Redmond, Washington to get them to fix this stupid problem.   I can feel my polo shirt already ripping at the seams.  I hope my boxers will not rip.   But I don’t care cuz the  Hulk Matt will be well endowed.


11 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I am tempted to chuckle because it’s written in a funny way. I understand your frustration with helpdesks. Ours can only be reached by phone but isn’t any better.

  2. Hehe its because it’s Microsh*t software. 😜 But in all seriousness do you have any plugins that mighty be causing the software to go funny? Also perhaps you can try an alternative like Open Office or Google spreadsheets if it’s allowed in your workplace.

    • I didn’t install any plug ins but saw the same suggestion at another site. I’ll have to check. I do have Open Office in addition to MS Office 2013. I use the MS Office since a lot of our tools still depend on MS Office and the documents we send to our clients are all in MS Office.

    • You can call them but it’s discouraged and it’s like an obstacle course. It’s cheaper if the end user can solve the problem themselves by going through FAQ or submitting their question to online communities at work. An IM chat is good and it avoids accent issues. Most people at work use IM first to chat before calling so it’s widely accepted. And if it’s something tricky, they can take over your machine remotely to do a fix.

      So when companies like the ones you work for sell their services, they always look for ways to reduce the number of calls because that’s the most expensive option. If it’s something like password reset, they’ll have an automated tool to handle those.

  3. lol. please remind me not to get you angry. but seriously, sorry to hear of your computer problems. it sounds frustrating. this is why i’m using Mac.

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