Bloodthirsty Matt

“Do you want to play chess?”  I looked at the little boy.  He’s 6 yrs old with big blue eyes.

“I haven’t played chess for many years but sure.”

“Do you remember how to set up the pieces?”

“Yep.” I looked down at the small wooden pieces and remembered the beautiful wooden chess set my parents got us when we were children.

“I’m going to be white. I go first.”   I raise my eyebrows.  Don’t we get to flip a coin or  rock / paper / scissors?

I like kids.  So I let him go first.

I almost took his queen within a few moves and technically I should have when he let go his hands but I let him keep it when he saw my hands reaching for my bishop.

After awhile, I decided to castle.  He told me my king was in the wrong position and moved it to where the rook was.  I told him the king just moves 2 squares.  He said his friend told him the other way.  I shrugged.  He’s just a kid.  So I let him have his way.  It’s not a big deal to me.

A couple of moves later, he declares himself the winner by moving his queen beside my king.  “Checkmate!”

His queen was unprotected so I took his queen with my king.  He protested.  I said that was within the rules.  He said it wasn’t.  This goes on for awhile.  He finally agreed after I looked up the rules on my smartphone and showed it to him.  So I let him replay the move.

He wasn’t a cute 6 yr old kid with big blue eyes anymore.  I became a hungry lion and he was my prey.  In a few short moves, I took a good chunk of his pieces.  There was going to be bloodshed.  His mom was nowhere near.  I wasn’t going to even let him tap out.  He looked at the board and his shrinking army.

“I don’t want to play anymore.”  He grabbed his pieces off the board.

The hamburger and hotdog from the bbq tasted sweeter after that.  Too bad the meat was well done.  I wanted to taste blood.


17 thoughts on “Bloodthirsty Matt

  1. “….wanted to taste blood.” Oh, my! Well, we all gotta’ learn how to lose sooner or later! 😉
    This made me laugh! 😀
    As do kids! 😛
    I child in my life told me recently (after hugging me twice), “You smell like Play-Doh!”
    I took that as a compliment! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. lol. sometimes kids need to learn the reality of life? i assume that’s what you were going for. gosh, you have a much better patience than i do. i don’t play chess. nor do i like kids. guess i have a lot to learn from you.

    • I follow Jason’s Instagram as you do and when the pics of the babies showed up, it released a bunch of pent up emotions in me. While I want kids, I doubt if I have the time or capabilities to be a parent.

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