I’m about to turn into the Hulk because of problems using Microsoft Excel at work.  For some reason it just freezes.  My helpdesk has already told me to delete and reinstall.  I’ve done it twice this year.  I’ve download all the patches, repaired the app and said wonderful things about Microsoft.

We don’t have local helpdesk teams for years now.  It’s all staffed in other countries.  Calling is the most expensive so the application so our company discourages us from calling them.  We can open a ticket or wait to chat with an agent through an Instant Messaging app.  I was 24th in line and it took them less than a minute to say sorry, we can’t help you.   The helpdesk’s stats look good.  It took less than a minute to close a ticket. While I was waiting, I read the reminder that users can scan the same database as the agents to look for similar problems and fixes.

Since I work from home, I have no one nearby to whine to.  I msg a buddy in Montreal who immediately turns his status to “I’m in a meeting.”  I need to vent.


I’m gonna turn into the Hulk and hop over to Redmond, Washington to get them to fix this stupid problem.   I can feel my polo shirt already ripping at the seams.  I hope my boxers will not rip.   But I don’t care cuz the  Hulk Matt will be well endowed.


Rigby Part 3

I’ve been trying to write a short story.  It started as a spur of the moment (part 1).  That was easy, the words just flowed out. But it’s been difficult trying to get part 2 and 3 out.  I changed part 3 so many times that some nights I ended up with just a few sentences.  I don’t really know what I’m doing yet.  I don’t have an outline.  I should have a profile of each character.  I don’t even know what season it is.  I just thought about that when I was starting part 4.  Does Chris live with his parents or alone?  I resolved that in part 4 too.

But it’s fun writing.  I have to eventually tie all of this to the opening scene.  I’ll have to figure out how Chris and Rigby come together.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Rigby hesitated a bit before answering “Well, I usually like to take pictures by myself. It’s just more flexible and I don’t worry about anyone else. Once I get into a rhythm, I hate to be interrupted. But yeah, we can hang out some time to shoot some pictures. Do you usually shoot by yourself or with others?”

I paused, not sure where he was going with the question. “Yeah, I shoot mostly alone too. But sometimes I just like to shoot with others and pick up some tips.”

He nodded and smiled. I wasn’t sure what to make of his answer but I didn’t want to make it a big deal.

The next couple of weeks, I saw him at our photography class. As usual, he always came in late and picked a seat in the back. Once I saved a seat for him but I didn’t see him come in and he sat somewhere else. Sometimes I would catch his attention during class and we would nod and smile at each other. I was determined to do more than just get a nod from him. Just before class ended, I started to to put away my stuff. By the time the instructor dismissed us, I quickly walked to his desk. He was still putting away his laptop and saw me.

“Hey Chris, how are things going with you?”
“Pretty good Rigby, it’s been almost ages since we last chatted.”
“Yeah, it’s been crazy. I actually have to go to work now. I picked up temporary job as a bartender. I actually have to go to work now.”
“Where are you headed?”
“I got to catch the subway to head downtown.”
“I’ll ride with you. I wasn’t planning on going home yet, maybe I’ll just bum around a bit.” I didn’t tell him that I hadn’t plan on going downtown.

We walked quickly to the subway station and made some small talk. It was just the beginning of rush hour but we managed to get a seat. I was almost out of breath just trying to keep up with Rigby. I never met anyone who walked so fast. After we sat down, Rigby turned to me and said “I haven’t forgotten that you asked if we could go shooting sometime, it’s just that I’ve been busy between school and my part time jobs.”

I couldn’t believe he remembered. I also couldn’t believe how smitten I am with him even though I barely know him.
“Oh no, that’s fine.” I tried to sound convincing but not too convincing.

He was about to say something when another person squeezed in beside him and he had to move closer to me. Our shoulders and knees touched every time the train sped up or slowed down. He told me a bit about the job, the long hours and how he had to rely on others to give him a ride home when the subway wasn’t running anymore. But there was a night where he didn’t get a ride and had to wait for the all night bus. That night a couple of drag queens walked by the bus stop and flirted shamelessly with him. He laughed as he retold the story and didn’t care if anyone overheard him.

“Hey Chris, my stop is coming up. Thanks for keeping me company. I’ll see you next time in class.” He gave me a pat on my knee and stood up.

“Yeah, take care. See you in class. Hey, we should do dinner some time.” I smiled and sort of gave him an awkward fist bump which landed on his forearm.

“Sounds good, let me sort out my work schedule first.” As he left, he looked back and smiled. I watched as he quickly got swallowed by the crowd.

Did he just agree to go to dinner? I was happy and confused. I still couldn’t figure out what is it about him that I like. He hasn’t given any indication he is gay. Maybe he is just gay friendly. I did see a picture in his camera of 2 Asian guys. One was sitting on a couch and the other was lying on the couch and resting his head on the other guy’s lap as if it was a pillow. But I remind myself that I’m like a moth attracted to a flame. I’m just attracted to straight boys.

Well, whatever happens I’ll just be prepared for the worst. That’s what happens all the time. Maybe one dinner. After that, we’ll let fate decide. I would be happy if we could just hang out every so often. As the train slowed down into the station, I decided to get out and transfer to the line to take me home.

Bloodthirsty Matt

“Do you want to play chess?”  I looked at the little boy.  He’s 6 yrs old with big blue eyes.

“I haven’t played chess for many years but sure.”

“Do you remember how to set up the pieces?”

“Yep.” I looked down at the small wooden pieces and remembered the beautiful wooden chess set my parents got us when we were children.

“I’m going to be white. I go first.”   I raise my eyebrows.  Don’t we get to flip a coin or  rock / paper / scissors?

I like kids.  So I let him go first.

I almost took his queen within a few moves and technically I should have when he let go his hands but I let him keep it when he saw my hands reaching for my bishop.

After awhile, I decided to castle.  He told me my king was in the wrong position and moved it to where the rook was.  I told him the king just moves 2 squares.  He said his friend told him the other way.  I shrugged.  He’s just a kid.  So I let him have his way.  It’s not a big deal to me.

A couple of moves later, he declares himself the winner by moving his queen beside my king.  “Checkmate!”

His queen was unprotected so I took his queen with my king.  He protested.  I said that was within the rules.  He said it wasn’t.  This goes on for awhile.  He finally agreed after I looked up the rules on my smartphone and showed it to him.  So I let him replay the move.

He wasn’t a cute 6 yr old kid with big blue eyes anymore.  I became a hungry lion and he was my prey.  In a few short moves, I took a good chunk of his pieces.  There was going to be bloodshed.  His mom was nowhere near.  I wasn’t going to even let him tap out.  He looked at the board and his shrinking army.

“I don’t want to play anymore.”  He grabbed his pieces off the board.

The hamburger and hotdog from the bbq tasted sweeter after that.  Too bad the meat was well done.  I wanted to taste blood.