Another Restless Night

I woke up in the middle of the night and something didn’t feel right.  It felt like I was sleeping on top of someone.  I barely had enough strength to open my eyes.  The light was still on and I was still in a dreamy state.  I was sleeping on my right side, but had practically almost rolled over on my stomach.  I opened my eyes again and could see a hand poking out from the blanket.  Was I sleeping on J?  I don’t remember him staying over.  Maybe it was my arm.  I moved my left arm up to my face.  I then started to move my right arm.  I felt my right arm wiggle and move but the hand in front of me wasn’t moving.  Whose arm was it?

WTF – I practically leapt up from my bed and saw that it was indeed my arm.   It took awhile to calm myself down and go back to sleep.

It’s really strange.  Some mornings, I wake up with the bed sheets pulled out.  I should tape myself sleeping and see what is going on.


19 thoughts on “Another Restless Night

  1. Strange that I also woke up in the middle of night last night and scared myself silly. In my dream, I was sleeping with my hand on top of a naked ass. We are in pajamas though. The person looked up and smiled. Could that be you? It turned out-that he looked like Tony Leung, the HK movie star. Strange coincidence? Were you there in the dream? Hope J is not reading your blog. Otherwise I will be in deep trouble that he might beat me up in my next dream.

  2. That is scary. And makes for a very restless, even sleepless night. 😦
    I’m embarrassed to share this one…but one time I woke up in the night and saw a HUGE hairy spider sitting on my pillow next to my face! I screamed and jumped up! 😮 It turned out it was just my hair (which was up in a ponytail). Dumb me!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. Actually Matt, I laughed when I read this. Still laughing. I don’t know what to tell you. May be you should tie your arms together before you get into bed…. nah, that wouldn’t do. Yeah set a gizmo to record your sleep, and then post it here! 😉

    • I sometimes have to sleep with my lights on although I turn to my side so I won’t be awaken by it. There have been times when I wake up and the light is off. I don’t remember turning it off at night but maybe I did when I’m half asleep.

  4. that’s not strange at all. i believe i’ve experienced a similar situation once. but we are quite the opposite when it comes to the tricks to help us to fall asleep. i need to sleep on my side or on my tummy. it feels comfortable that way. i need to have the room totally dark and silent, or i won’t be able to sleep at all. lately, i been using eye mask and ear plugs to help me get sleepy. maybe you could try the same?

    • I sleep on my side and tummy too. Eventually I’ll move to my back. If I use ear plugs, I won’t be able to hear the alarm. There are also times when I sleep with the lights on because I get nervous.

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