Back home

My procedure went smoothly.  I am so relieved.  I spent 13 hrs at the hospital.  The actual procedure took about an hour.  The doctor was pleased that everything went well.  I was able to go home that night.  I have to take it easy for a few days and then be very careful the next few weeks.  When the nurse warned me not to do any strenuous activity in the next few weeks, my brother quipped “You don’t have to worry about that.”  My sister stayed with me the whole time.  J came down too.  He patted my thing and told me he wanted to make sure they didn’t cut it off.

But the long wait was tough.  I had to lie still for several hours after the procedure if I had any chance of leaving that night.  The bed wasn’t that comfortable.  While I was lying there, they came around with dinner.  It was just a slice of processed cheese on some bread with a fruit cup and some drinks.  I was under strict orders not to have any food or drinks after midnight.  I had a extra serving of food after dinner which I would regret afterwards.  But my sis got me some yogurt and ice water.  It was tough eating as I my body couldn’t be raised more than 30 degrees.  After an eternity, I was finally given the ok to stand up and walk.  Even though I didn’t have much to drink, I peed like crazy.  I guess that IV bag did keep me hydrated.

So many people came, poked and prodded me.  I only had those hospital gowns to wear.  They do nothing for your dignity.  In fact, I can’t recall the last time so many people saw my thing.  My thing was mortified because he doesn’t like strangers.  I told him to just hang out, stretch but don’t get excited.  But he decided to “retreat”.  Not manly at all.

When I got home, I wolfed down some soup and pasta.  Then my tummy acted up.  I rushed to the can as it unloaded.  If that had happened at the hospital during my lie still phase, I would had to use the bedpan and I’m sure it would have overflowed.  I think all the stress and tension just made my stomach too nervous.

Today was just a day of rest.  I actually read both of my newspapers.  Tomorrow will be the same.

Thanks to all of you who gave me support, encouragement, kept me in your thoughts and prayers and listened (I mean read) all my posts about this procedure.  The doctors assured me there is a very high rate of success.

The only thing is I picked up a sore throat and it feels like a virus of some sort.  Ugh.

IV line (not hooked up) hospital bed


26 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Glad you and Your Thing are back home…to rest, recuperate and renew your dignity! 😉 😛
    Seriously glad everything went well, Matt! You were in my thoughts and prayers.
    I will keep praying for you…and I hope the virus goes away fast.

  2. Have been thinking of you Mattie. Hope you are doing super well. Hope the sore throat is all gone by now. I am so happy that you are resting and relaxing and are able to read newspapers without any distraction. Love and hugs dear heart! (pun intended.)

      • arrgh! Have you let the cardiologist know? Perhaps you should be on some thing strong to get rid of any inflammatory changes that could happen. Plenty of fluids, saline irrigation, and a vaporizer should help. Do you want me to shut up? 😉

      • I’m sure it’s just a cold. I did visit my own doctor, we reviewed the procedure and she checked out my cold. I got a sinus flush thingy, a spray for my nose and something for my cough. The recovery from the procedure is going well.

  3. Chest problems…so I am going to assume you got a boob job 😛
    I am going to read up on your earlier entries to find out what happened (if you ever mention it…sometimes you can be really cryptic……………….well….most of the time…………)

  4. yeah, i hate those hospital gowns. so unflattering. glad to know you still got your sense of humor, though. and i sense J is a funny guy. lol.

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