More Strange Dreams

Strange dreams, not haunting but just strange and surreal.

In one dream, I’m trying to follow someone down into an large underground world.  It’s huge, well lit and filled with remnants of collapsed buildings.  There are beams, slabs of concrete, metal rebars etc…  And then there are these wonderful aquariums with amazing fishes.  The water was tropical blue / green and it was incredibly well lit.  The aquariums were custom fitted between all these large debris.  I wanted to stop and admire them but I had to keep going.  Then behind me, things started to collapse and my way back is block.  I had to keep running to avoid getting pinned.  Then I found myself sucking on something tubular and penis like.  WTF?  Am I having sex?  It was humanoid I guess… I’m not really sure.  Maybe I’m not that fussy in my dream world.

There was another bizzare one too.  But I just forgot what that one was about.

In other news, I went in for a bunch of tests today.  I found out I gained weight over the holidays.  But the nurses were wonderful and have a great sense of humour.  In between some serious questions was a lot of laughter.  I think I use humuor a lot to relieve stress.

Tonight, I will try to laugh more and suck less.


12 thoughts on “More Strange Dreams

  1. Wow, what a ca-wazy wild dream, Matt! 😮
    HA! Hope you got to laugh more. And suck less. Unless you decided you want to suck more. The kind of sucking that makes a person happy. And, okay, I need to shut up now! 😉 😛
    I’m glad their was laughter at the med testing. 🙂 I always try to get the med personnel to tease and laugh with me. I found out most surgeons are all business and no joking. o_O
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. suck less? lol. you sure have an interesting brain to give you such dream. i can’t remember the last time i had a dream. a sleep problem is creeping back to my evenings. i actually had to take some alcohol around 3.30AM this morning and then put on ear plugs and eye mask just so i could fall asleep 😦

    • I think alcohol will make you sleepy but it inhibits a deep restful sleep. I take melatonin from time to time and another prescription drug when it gets very bad. But I only take that on a non workday.

      • i try to avoid taking any medication. it’s getting worse lately, though. but for odd reasons, i started getting dreams now. though short ones. which helps, i guess. since when one dreams, one gets into a deep sleep.

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