Life Would Be Easier If…

Life would be easier if…

1.  My dirty clothes would just hop into the washing machine, dryer and then fold themselves nicely.  I’m not that lazy and can put them into my drawers.

2.  There is an endless roll of toilet paper.  I thought I had a spare roll in the washroom but I didn’t.

3.  Dishes, pots and pans would wash and dry themselves.

4.  My blog would just submit entries for me to approve and then post them afterwards.  That way you guys don’t have to read this.

5.  I could have deep insights into the meaning of life and happiness and act upon it.

6.  If I could eat all I want and my body would just burn it off without storing the calories as fat.  Hello cheese cake!

7.  My brain could remember names, events, errands, to dos, birthdays and my family history.

8.  I could write better without staring at a blank page for hours.

9.  I could remember what all the buttons in my camera are for.

10.  The clutter in my condo would just organize themselves.


11 thoughts on “Life Would Be Easier If…

  1. I agree!
    And when you figure all of that out (or even one thing) please let me know! I wanna’ get in on it! 😛
    As for #9…I remember when I used to be smarter than my phone. Sigh. 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t that be the absolute end to all the drudgery of life?! Life would also be much easier, if I had a cook from India who would cook all the favorite dishes, and clean up afterwards. sigh!

  3. i would agree with no.4 and no.8. i think i’m better at being an editor than a writer. though i still have much to improve on my grammar, of any language.

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