This is just a short update with some odds and ends.  I can’t sleep so I decided to write a bit.

1. After reading Andrew’s last entry, I resumed writing that short story from a few posts back.  I can’t believe that was 2 months ago.  I thought it was just a few weeks ago.  The difficul (aside from the fact that writing a story is just plain difficult) part is the original entry was written without a story outline.  I just had an image in my mind and wrote a story about it. I need to write something so I figure I might as well see how that story will turn out.

2.  In other news, my doctor’s office called me with some news.  I’ll be going in for a medical treatment (a non invasive surgery) in a few weeks.  I don’t want to think about it but I am somewhat nervous.  I don’t like needles, meds etc… but this treatment is one that I need to have.  I read up on it, talked to my doctor(s).  And while it’s non invasive, it’s still a surgery.  I just hope nothing bad happens.

3.  My insomnia is full blown the past few weeks.  By the weekend, I’m just so tired.  The time change this past weekend didn’t help.  Instead of sleeping at 2AM, I now fall sleep around 3AM.  And yeah, I’ve been having odd dreams.  Rats and mice showed up in my dreams a few days ago.   And dreams of my dad too – usually in his last days.  I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to sleep.

4.  You know what’s odd about working from home and having a really quiet day?  I don’t talk.  A couple of days ago, someone from work called me around 3PM.  My voice cracked when I answered the phone.  I realized I haven’t said a single word all day.

It’s almost 2AM so I guess I better call it a night.


9 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Sorry to hear about your sleeping pattern. That must be very tiring each and every day.

    So excited to hear you’re continuing to write your story!! Would love to read more about it. This must be a very rewarding way to go about blogs.

    Hope your surgery goes well. I’m sure you’ll make sure you’re prepared. Hope you have someone that can help you get from hospital to home once it’s done. Will you be staying at hospital?

    • I might have to stay overnight depending on what time the surgery is and if there are any complications. My sis insists on being there (*rolls eyes*). I hope I won’t be staying at the hospital. I think there are 4 beds to a room. I’ll have to check if my own health insurance covers a semi private room (2 patients / room) or private room. Maybe there’s WiFi. J said he’ll show up with a friend. But I really don’t know what they would do. It’s gonna be so boring for them.

      • I’m heartened to hear that they have insisted they’d come. 🙂 it really is nice of them and I think it makes them feel better to be there for you. I think J will come out to your sis. Jk

  2. 2. I hope things go well with your surgery, Matt! I’m sending prayers, good healing wishes, etc., your way. It’s normal to feel nervous. Sounds like you’ve done the right things to prepare yourself. So, be confident things WILL go well! 🙂
    3. Sorry to hear your insomnia has been so bad. 😦 Have you talked to a doctor about this?!
    4. That’s why I have a dog! 😉 I work from home and I have him to talk to. Could you get a fish, bird, cat or dog to keep you company?!
    1. Yay! I can’t wait to read more of your short story! It was good!

  3. gosh. im sorry to learn your sleeping pattern is getting worse. hope you able to take naps during the day to make up for the lost sleep hours in the evening. as for your upcoming surgery, i think you are in good hands. especially when it is not an invasive one. but remember, try to get enough sleep before and after if you can. blogging can wait. health comes first.

    • I am so tempted to take naps during the day especially when I work from home. But we have to be available by IM and phone. Ugh…

      I should be in good hands for the surgery and I do need to focus more on my health.

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