TV and My Brain

I think TV is a silent killer of the First World.  I was actually reasonably productive today.  I even attempted some fried brown rice with leftover ham and kimchi.  It didn’t really work but it was filling.  I also made some wintermelon and tofu soup.  I didn’t have a lot of meetings so I was able to make some pork stock from scratch.  It’s one of the advantages of working from home.  I added some mushroom stems, dried scallops, carrots and onion a few other things.  I just let it simmered until my work was done.  The soup was okay, I should have let the stock reduce more.

But after dinner, I watched a hockey game.  Before I knew it, a few hours have passed.  I still had to do dishes, clean the stove, clean the washroom, throw out the garbage and recyclables, make my bed (I know… I slept in this morning) etc…  I procrastinate a bit more by watching a bit of Public Television instead of the hockey game.  It was interesting show about Tuberculosis.  But after feeling guilty, I decided to turn it off and tackle a bit of my chores.

I really don’t understand how TV can turn off my brain and suck every ounce of motivation I have.

Speaking of brains, I wonder why I get so easily distracted.  I seem to jump from one thing to another without pausing to finish anything.  In between writing this entry, I checked the news, played a game on my phone, looked at my old Xanga account and wondered where all those people went, checked Instagram, scratch my foot, checked my email and now back at this.


12 thoughts on “TV and My Brain

  1. I think you’ll just have days where you just want to watch TV or you’ll do a bunch of things one after the other. It’s okay, I think. Thankfully, Australian TV has little variety so I rarely get hooked. YouTube, however, has better content. Your soup sounds delicious – I want some. Seems very homely. I’m curious, what’s your favourite part of your home?

  2. we are so much alike it’s scary i tell you. i don’t watch tv anymore. tv turns me into a zombie. makes me procrastinate even more than i already have on regular basis. and i too tend to do several things at a time, but neglecting the completion of those tasks until i realized i have yet to complete anything, which always hours later. but unlike you, i’m no longer on xanga. i have failed to sign up for the free months and can’t be bother to keep paying for it. it’s funny how with the death of my xanga account, i gain a lot more followers here on wordpress, while continuing friendship with past xanga friends on facebook.

    • We’re that much alike? Including our phobias and fetishes? he he….

      I’m not on Xanga either. I didn’t sign up for the extra months or the renewal. I don’t have a lot of followers here (less than Xanga) but it’s good that a lot of ex Xangans are here too. I don’t use FB though.

      • it takes time to gain followers. i find that when you start checking out other people’s blogs, they too start to check out yours.

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