Tidbits About Moi

Some things you may or may not know about me.

1.  Most folks know that I like watching airplanes.  Put me at an airport with a clear view of the runways and the ramp and I will be very happy.  In fact, I could eat, sleep and live there.  But the thing is, I can’t tell my planes apart.  Sure – there’s the 747 and the A380.  After that, the Airbus and Boeings all look alike to me.

2.  I swear.  Yep.  Like a angry, miserable pirate.  I don’t do it all the time but when I let loose, just stay away.  I know, it’s not polite and ill mannered.

3.  I think Calvin and Hobbes was the best comic strip ever.

4.  Every so often, I still have to sleep with the lights on.  If this continues, I’ll have to find my old teddy bear to sleep with.  The thing is, Ted was actually a mouse with big pink ears.  But I never knew understood that until I was much older.

5.  I sometimes wonder what you folks think of me.  There’s probably still a handful of regular readers although there are others who follow me here but rarely comment.

6.  If you want to buy me a drink, I’m fine with a gin and tonic with a wedge of lime.  A glass of wine would work too.  A pint of draft beer would be good too.  A scotch would be nice as well but I need to be in the mood.  Does this help?

7.  I figured out why I have insomnia.  I’m Asian.  My body clock is on Asian time.  No wonder I’m wide awake most nights.

8.  I have a fear of heights.  And also of tiny, tight spaces (like being stuck in a very tight tunnel).  I’d rather give a speech in the nude than face those 2 phobias.

Uhm… I’m really not that weird.


25 thoughts on “Tidbits About Moi

  1. Interesting tidbits! I like watching airplanes too — when I had appointments near the airport, I’d go to a spot on a hill near the end of the runway and watch them take off and land. That’s no longer possible, as they blocked that road after 9/11 (too close to the runway!).

    LOL about poor Teddy Bear — how that must have confused you when you realized it!

    If you make it to So Cal, let me know, and I’ll happily buy you a drink!

    Hmm, so Asians have insomnia — that must be like people in the Southern Hemisphere standing upside down!

  2. nice post! you should tag people to get it moving around

    i realized when i was at hoover dam, at the empire state building and parasailing over the pacific ocean that i’m not afraid of heights. but i’m deathly afraid of spiders and the last time i had to kill one, i was crying while looking at it.

    • One time, my sister had pizza delivered. The delivery guy complimented my sister on the leftover Halloween decoration and pointed out the large spider in the ceiling of the porch. My sister looked up and screamed. It was a real spider. She told the delivery man to kill it. The guy had to go into the garage, look for a broom to kill the big spider. I asked my sister if he tipped the guy extra. She said no, she was too frazzled to even think about tipping.

  3. You are very interesting and intriguing, Matt. Not weird. 🙂 We have #’s 1, 3, 5 in common. I love to watch planes…oh…and planes, trains, and ships always feel romantic to me…I make up stories in my head about where people are going and the good time they are going to have. 🙂
    Ha! I love hearing people swear. But, I’m not much of a swearer myself, darn it to heck! 😀
    None better than Calvin and Hobbes! 🙂
    Aw. I hope you can find your old teddy-bear-mouse. 🙂
    Wow! #7! Eureka! 😛

  4. lol. i love no.7 🙂
    just like you, i can’t tell my planes apart, either. well, i know what A380 looks like. it’s the one with the second level. others, not a clue. not even a 747. and as for drinks, not sure i would be a good companion to go for a drink with. i always go for tea.

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