When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A …

The grim reaper came around and didn’t see me again.  A few more people won’t show up on my contacts list.  I told emailed my siblings to let them know I still have a job and whined about the long hours I had to work this past few weeks, my stagnant salary etc…  My brother responded that having survived and claiming I have still have a job wasn’t much to brag about.  Who would want my job?  He compared it to still having a lingering disease.

All this pushed my mood even further down.  I knew he was right, part of me clearly understood that.  No matter what I do, I can’t control the workload that comes in or the timing of it.

So based on what you know about me (maybe it’s a lot, maybe you know little) – what type of job(s) do you think I should be doing?


19 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A …

  1. i think you’d be a good manager – the laid back sort who also gets things done. after having moved from finance to non-profit to healthcare to asset management, i feel that each industry definitely has its perks and pitfalls, but it’s about finding what is important to you. oftentimes, the skills are transferable too. maybe perhaps you can switch to a company that promotes a work life balance? i think all of your experience would be highly sought after, and each job move comes with a pay bump. no job is worth your sanity. good luck!

    • I was a manager before and enjoyed it until I was moved out. It also wasn’t pleasant when you were forced to cut staff.

      A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who took a pay cut but ended up in a job that he really enjoyed.

  2. I think a job with rigid work hours that aren’t excessive. A lot of ppl groan at the 9-5 rat race but if you’re not one of those regular scheduled people, chances are your schedule is either erratic, overworked or non-existent because you’re unemployed. I think you would benefit from the routine in your life. Might help your sleep issue and coming home at 5pm with no work brought home can be a relief.

      • I am still here. Log in once in a while when I remember to. I think my ex really killed my passion for blogging…(if I can even call that passion…maybe hobby…or therapy?)

        Been doing well. Getting my master’s degree in 3 months. Now I am at the crossroad of going for PhD and staying poor, or going out there and live my life with a foreseeable ceiling in career.

  3. In Australia, government jobs seem to have good pay and defined hours – is this the same for Canada?

    I think well defined work hours (9-5) sounds like a good thing. Even if you get a pay cut, just try lower your expenses somehow, and then it won’t seem so bad? Maybe the lowered intensity of work would mean your health improves and you are actually happier.

    Imagine finishing work at 5pm and then going home – all that time, Monday to Friday… and then having the weekends completely free.

    Is the appearance of having the job you do and the position you have, keeping you in this role? Would you be embarrassed to bring up your job if you had a lower position and lower pay?

    I am really hoping you make a change. I know I know nothing about your line of work nor your profession, but I think you’ve been having these thoughts for quite a while now, and it doesn’t seem to get better. So, if it hasn’t, maybe a real change will make it better.

    • I think part of the problem is watching my dad struggle at making ends meet while providing for us. It wasn’t easy. They endured hardship and stress more than I did. It seems like I’m giving up. I am also scared of growing old without money. My parents relied on us to help. I don’t have anyone to depend on for help when I’m old. That’s what scares me – the lack of financial resources.

      One could also argue – is it worth it? With the stress – will I even live long enough?

  4. I am more and more convinced that the Industrial Revolution turned us all into slaves, detaching us from the product itself. Marx seems right about that. And I think the Service Revolution is especially nasty. I often wonder *what* my value actually is? An Excel Sheet?

    Anyway, back to your question … I don’t know. Would you want a job where you produce something from beginning to end? I could imagine this being rather satisfying.

  5. i would disagree with your brother. tons of people would love to have your job. because the majority of us don’t get the luxury to work at home!

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