A couple of nights ago, I didn’t feel well and went to bed early.  I had some body aches and the chills.  It didn’t get better yesterday and I decided to get some rest.  I had extra clothes and turned the heat on high.  Then I started to get the runs (diarrhea).  Oh man…. it was watery and foul smelling (sorry if you’re eating).  This happened all day and well into the evening until some immodium & Chinese medicine calmed my tummy.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get to the washroom in time while I was sleeping.

My tummy is still growling this morning.  My hands are so dry from the constant washing.  I’ll just try to eat some bland foods today and make sure I stay hydrated.   Ugh…


Bears in My Dreams

Last night, I got to sleep shortly after midnight. I dozed off before the app on my phone that plays the sound of waves and rain finished.  I drifted off to dreamland.  I was walking my late mom to our old house.  She was already at the age where she had trouble walking so I was helping her.  As we got up to an incline, we saw a couple of black bears.  We turned back and as we were walking we see more bears coming our way on another street.

I decided to seek refuge in a nearby house.  Suddenly the driveway to the house turned into a very long path.  I looked back and the bears were closing in on us.  I pushed my mom along but she was really struggling to walk.  I just turned around, stood as tall as possible, raised my arm and growled back at the bears.

Then I woke up.  It only 3:30ish.  I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards.  So today, every time I get an email, I will growl at the sender.

On another note, a few weeks ago I noticed a large scratch on my shoulders.  I had no idea how it got there.  J also noticed it and I told him I might have scratched it while I was sleeping.  Maybe the bears in my dreams have something to do with it.

Happy Lunar / Chinese New Year

I hope everyone will have a healthy and prosperous year.

A couple of days ago, I called my uncle and aunt in Hong Kong to wish them a happy new year.  It took 3 attempts before he figured out who I was.  I kept yelling “Wei… wei” (hello)  but I guess he didn’t hear me or didn’t recognized my voice.  The 3rd time, he figured out who I was.  I greeted him with the traditional kung hey fat choy.  He started talking rapidly in Cantonese.  I gave up after 2 seconds.  I listened politely and when he finished I asked him how he was doing.  He paused.  I thought maybe he already just told me how he was doing.  But I managed to understand a bit more of what he said this time. Eventually the phone got passed on to my aunt.  I was a bit sad after we finished chatting.  Both are elderly and have health issues.  Sigh…

The next night, I went to J’s place for dinner with his extended family.  He spent the entire day shopping and cooking.  We had lobsters, shrimps and scallops with veggies, steamed crab, roast pork, bbq pork, chicken, shitake mushrooms with the “hairy” moss and abalone, fried tofu and a few traditional family dishes that I can’t translate.  We rested afterwards and went to the temple.  It was packed and the air was heavy with the smell of incense.  The volunteers kept everyone moving efficiently.  The temple had a large basement hall that had a fair and that was jammed.  It was hot and hard to move around.  Eventually someone opened a door to let him some cold air.

Featured image

One of the things we do is hang our “wishes”.  The wishes are those round red tags that are purchased.  They are then hung on those pegs.  Each year the temple does something a bit different.  There were food and drinks being sold but I was still so stuffed from dinner.  It was a late night but it was good to do this and celebrate my culture.

Need To Reset My Body Clock

My body cycle is really strange now.  It starts to shut down between 5PM and 6PM.  It’s a real struggle to stay awake and a couple of times I had to take a nap.  I get my second wind between 7PM and 8PM.  I’ll make a quick dinner.  By 10PM, I’m wide awake and won’t sleep until 2AM to 3AM.  My alarm sounds at 6AM.  I wake up and roll over.  My body wakes up around 8AM. I grab a shower, a quick breakfast and will be at my desk by 9AM.

What do I do in the late hours?  Sometimes I work, read or watch TV.  If I want to work out, I have to make sure I can get to my gym because it shuts down at 11PM.  If it’s too late, I don’t go out for a walk.  But I do shop for my groceries.  There’s usually quite a number of people in the grocery store (including cops).

There are days when my body clock is a bit more normal.  It’s just weird that my body has this odd rhythm.  I should start taking some melatonin again.

TV and My Brain

I think TV is a silent killer of the First World.  I was actually reasonably productive today.  I even attempted some fried brown rice with leftover ham and kimchi.  It didn’t really work but it was filling.  I also made some wintermelon and tofu soup.  I didn’t have a lot of meetings so I was able to make some pork stock from scratch.  It’s one of the advantages of working from home.  I added some mushroom stems, dried scallops, carrots and onion a few other things.  I just let it simmered until my work was done.  The soup was okay, I should have let the stock reduce more.

But after dinner, I watched a hockey game.  Before I knew it, a few hours have passed.  I still had to do dishes, clean the stove, clean the washroom, throw out the garbage and recyclables, make my bed (I know… I slept in this morning) etc…  I procrastinate a bit more by watching a bit of Public Television instead of the hockey game.  It was interesting show about Tuberculosis.  But after feeling guilty, I decided to turn it off and tackle a bit of my chores.

I really don’t understand how TV can turn off my brain and suck every ounce of motivation I have.

Speaking of brains, I wonder why I get so easily distracted.  I seem to jump from one thing to another without pausing to finish anything.  In between writing this entry, I checked the news, played a game on my phone, looked at my old Xanga account and wondered where all those people went, checked Instagram, scratch my foot, checked my email and now back at this.

Tidbits About Moi

Some things you may or may not know about me.

1.  Most folks know that I like watching airplanes.  Put me at an airport with a clear view of the runways and the ramp and I will be very happy.  In fact, I could eat, sleep and live there.  But the thing is, I can’t tell my planes apart.  Sure – there’s the 747 and the A380.  After that, the Airbus and Boeings all look alike to me.

2.  I swear.  Yep.  Like a angry, miserable pirate.  I don’t do it all the time but when I let loose, just stay away.  I know, it’s not polite and ill mannered.

3.  I think Calvin and Hobbes was the best comic strip ever.

4.  Every so often, I still have to sleep with the lights on.  If this continues, I’ll have to find my old teddy bear to sleep with.  The thing is, Ted was actually a mouse with big pink ears.  But I never knew understood that until I was much older.

5.  I sometimes wonder what you folks think of me.  There’s probably still a handful of regular readers although there are others who follow me here but rarely comment.

6.  If you want to buy me a drink, I’m fine with a gin and tonic with a wedge of lime.  A glass of wine would work too.  A pint of draft beer would be good too.  A scotch would be nice as well but I need to be in the mood.  Does this help?

7.  I figured out why I have insomnia.  I’m Asian.  My body clock is on Asian time.  No wonder I’m wide awake most nights.

8.  I have a fear of heights.  And also of tiny, tight spaces (like being stuck in a very tight tunnel).  I’d rather give a speech in the nude than face those 2 phobias.

Uhm… I’m really not that weird.

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A …

The grim reaper came around and didn’t see me again.  A few more people won’t show up on my contacts list.  I told emailed my siblings to let them know I still have a job and whined about the long hours I had to work this past few weeks, my stagnant salary etc…  My brother responded that having survived and claiming I have still have a job wasn’t much to brag about.  Who would want my job?  He compared it to still having a lingering disease.

All this pushed my mood even further down.  I knew he was right, part of me clearly understood that.  No matter what I do, I can’t control the workload that comes in or the timing of it.

So based on what you know about me (maybe it’s a lot, maybe you know little) – what type of job(s) do you think I should be doing?