Sunny Sunday Rant

I was going to rant about work again.  I had to work this weekend.  I spent half a day on Saturday to review a client document), and another 3/4 day on Sunday which includes a 4 hour meeting to prepare our company’s response.  We don’t get compensated for overtime (I don’t get paid hourly).  As for my reorg changes – I probably won’t find out until March who I will be reporting to and what other changes we have to adapt to.  For now we just have to be professional about it.

There are some good things about work.  I’ve developed a good network of colleagues.  Because a lot of us work remotely, I don’t see them at all.  But it’s nice to have colleagues you can trust and vice versa.  People tell me things off line and in confidence.   Most of the people I deal with like working with me.  I detest some but fortunately they are in the minority.

I still have problem sleeping.  I’ve gotten phone calls from unknown callers in the middle of the night last week which was unsettling.  I get sleepy around 5 every day.  Even if I have sex at that time, I’ll doze off.  (no I haven’t tried).  On the plus side, I had some blood work done recently – no issues.

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.  I just wish I wasn’t working.


15 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday Rant

  1. Rants can be helpful.
    Glad there are some good things about your work…and the good colleagues.
    I have short window of time I can actually sleep every night, so I turn my phone off for those few hours. If I leave it on, I get awakened by not-important calls.
    SO glad your blood work had no issues.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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